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Do you know Excel has something for everyone?

To switch between sheets in Excel, today you will find multiple answers that can ultimately help you. Each workbook has multiple sheets for saving different kinds of data in the same place. At times, you may need to switch between sheets in Excel.

Though it could be challenging to switch between sheets the thing is how would you manage it?

Let’s see how to switch between sheets in Excel. In this post, you will learn more than one shortcut to switch between sheets.

How to Switch Between Sheets in Excel?

Below are some easy-to-go methods you can apply to switch between sheets in Excel. Let’s learn one by one:

How to Switch between Sheets in Excel by Clicking and Changing the Sheets?

One of the widely used approaches to switch between sheets in Excel is by clicking and changing. By default, the first sheet activates when you open the workbook. In case, when you are having multiple sheets in a workbook and you need to switch between them, you have to click on the required sheet to open it.

  • Put the mouse pointer in the sheet tab to change the sheet.
  • The particular sheet will become bold when you place the pointer.
  • By clicking on it, the sheet will open up and it becomes an active sheet.

It might be possible that some of the sheets are hidden. To make them appear, click on the arrow next to the first opened sheet and choose the one you need to open.

This easiest method could be sometimes confusing for some users when the data is long enough and you have lots of worksheets. Don’t worry this is not the only method we have, you can try another method as well. Let’s get started with our next method:

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How to Switch between Sheets in Excel with the Go To Dialog Box?

The Go-To-Dialog box is another highly effective method to jump on a specific sheet from the workbook. This method demands you to enter the name of the sheet manually and it will directly shift you there.

For instance, you need to go to cell D20 in Sheet 3. For this, here are the steps:

Press F5 to open the Go-To-Special dialog box. Or else you can open the Home tab and click on the Editing menu. Select the Find & Select option and then the Go-To command.

Now, type Sheet3!D20 in the Reference field.

Press ENTER key or click OK.

You will instantly move to cell D20 in Sheet 3.

That’s it!

This method is highly supportive for those who are fine with entering the sheet name as well as the cell reference in the Go-To-Special dialog box.

Basics of Switching Between Sheets

Before getting started with our shortcut commands to switch between sheets, let’s learn some basics of switching sheets. At the bottom side of the workbook, click on the sheet tab. Or else, you can use the CTRL + Page Up or CTRL + Page Down commands to move from one sheet to another.

CTRL + SHIFT + Page Up/Down

To move around non-adjacent sheets quickly, you can apply this shortcut command as in:

CTRL + SHIFT + Page Up or CTRL + SHIFT + Page Down

You will be able to move to the next and previous sheet in the workbook.


When more than one sheet is opened in a workbook and you don’t want to close them but need to move around them, use CTRL + F6 shortcut command. It helps you in finding which sheet you want to open up.

Right-Click on Sheet Tabs

To switch between sheets, you can right-click on the sheet tabs given at the end of the workbook. It simply produces a list of all the sheets which simply lets you choose the one you need.

CTRL + 1

CTRL + 1 command could be an easy approach to accessing the Format Cells dialog box. It will open up the Format Cells dialog box in which the formatting of the cells can be changed. This method is specifically useful if you need the sheets to format cells.

CTRL + Tab

Last but not the least, CTRL + Tab shortcut command is super useful to switch between sheets. You will find this shortcut similar to the ALT + Tab shortcut command used to switch between open windows in Windows.

That’s it!


In this post, you have learned how to switch between sheets in Excel by using multiple approaches. Apart from the other methods, you have also got to know multiple shortcut commands that can help you in switching between sheets. Try all of them so that you can understand which method suits best to you.

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