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Taking screenshots is not rocket science, however, when it comes to screen clipping in Excel while working on sheets, you may have to think about it once.

Instead of using third-party tools, you can simply use built-in features that let you take a screenshot in Excel. Not only Excel but other tools of Microsoft are also enriched with this feature.

Today, you will get to know how to take screenshot in Excel by using multiple approaches. So, without wasting time, let’s get started with the procedure:

How to Take Screenshot in Excel with Print Screen?

For Windows users, it would be entirely easy to use the print screen feature to capture a specific part of the screen. Your keyboard has a PRT SC button located at the top right side. By pressing this button, you can quickly print the screen to the clipboard. You can capture anything on the screen.

Simply you need to press ALT + PRT SC keys on the keyboard to take an Excel screenshot of the current screen. You can crop the image according to whatever size you need, once the screenshot to Excel is taken.

print screen

Note that each keyboard has different button options for the print screen key. Below are some examples you can have a look at:

print screen2

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How to Take Screenshot in Excel with Screen Clipping Option?

To capture your screen, you can use another effective method in which you use the Screen Clipping in Excel. For this, you can follow these steps:

Click on the Insert option and then choose the Screenshot button.

Select the Screen Clipping option. You will find some screen areas that you may need to select.

screen clipping

Once you have selected the screen, an Excel screen will appear and you can enter the selection into the file as a screenshot on Excel. For further settings, you can take help from the Picture Tools option.

How to Take Screenshot in Excel with Copy as Picture Option?

First, open the Excel sheet and choose a cell range or you can even choose the whole sheet to copy.

Click on the Home tab and choose the Paste option.

Select the As Picture option from the menu and choose Copy as Picture option.

take screenshot

A small window will appear that says you to choose the file format in which you want to save the image:

take screenshot2

Finalize the selection and press OK. Now, the image file is pasted into other apps.

take screenshot3

How to Format and Crop the Screenshot in Excel?

Using the Format and Crop options, you can simply edit the screenshot Excel you just have taken. For this, you need to drag the Fill handle icon to select the area you need to keep in. Now, press the Crop button to finally make it a picture.?

How to Take Screenshot in Excel with a Shortcut Key?

Excel as always has a shortcut command for the ease of its users. You can apply the following key commands to capture a screen. For Windows, below is the shortcut key:

Press Windows Key + PRT SC key.

For Mac users, below is the shortcut key:

Press CMD + SHIFT + 4

Finishing Up:

With a screenshot you can save many options, that’s why Excel has a built-in feature for this function. You can save time as well as effort.

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