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Excel can sum the whole column or row and this function is repeated almost in every situation. For instance, you can have the total sum in the column to sales value with your sales data to date. Excel is renowned for its high-tech features that are used widely. From accounting to inventory tracking, you can use this application without any second thought. In case, when you are just a beginner or when it is about how to total a column in Excel, it would be quite difficult to know.

Here you will get to know a couple of tricks that can help you in using AutoSum to sum in Excel.

How to Get the Sum of a Column in Excel?

The status bar is suitable to view the total of a column when you need the sum without wanting to add the information to your spreadsheet. Or else you can even view any range of cells using this trick.

To get the sum of a column with an Excel status bar just follow the steps given below:

  • Highlight the data that needed to be sum. Click on the column name and the entire column will be selected. Or else you can even drag the cells to select the range.
  • The lower side of the screen will update you about the selection such as the average of each value and the number of data points given in the range. Furthermore, you will even see the sum of each value given in the selected cells.

AutoSum Keyboard Shortcut

Do you know the AutoSum option is obvious when you are using it in the Formula tab?

However, when you SUM with a keyboard shortcut, it will be even more fun. For this shortcut, select the cell in which you need the sum of the column and enter the following shortcut:

ALT = (hold the ALT key and press the equal to key)

SUM a Column with AutoSum Function

Here is another superb method you can use, to sum up, a column in Excel. AutoSum feature is a great way to explore Excel to add a range of cells containing numbers, integers, or decimals by using the SUM function.  You will find a command button of AutoSum given on the “Home” tab or “Formula” tab in the Excel ribbon. With this command, you can easily add the SUM function in the selected cell.

Suppose that your dataset contains numbers and you want to sum up those numbers in column B. choose an empty cell given below the column or else you will find it at the end of the row of data that you want to sum.

Select the “Formula” tab and click on the “AutoSum” option from the Function Library group.

Or else open the “Home” tab and choose the “AutoSum” option from the Editing group.

In any case, when you click the button, the formula “=SUM()” will be added by default in the selected cell and it will highlight the range of numbers. Make sure the selected range is right and if it is not correct, you can modify it by replacing it with another range.

Press ENTER from the keyboard and you will see the sum of the whole column given in the selected cell.

Final Thoughts

The above tricks are helpful only when you apply them correctly that’s why you must practice these useful hacks to save time and effort. An Excel expert knows how important it is to learn these tricks for solving day-to-day queries.

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