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Working on a sheet containing thousands of rows will definitely make you tired. Nobody would like to keep track of all the data and it becomes more daunting with a complex sheet. Excel lets you collapse rows easily by using multiple features and you can group them for later use. You can expand these Excel collapse rows quickly and convert them to their original form.

Let’s follow the below-given methods to understand how you can collapse rows in Excel.

Excel Collapse Rows Feature

Excel for some users is nothing more than a sheet containing unlimited cells that made rows and columns. When the dataset is large enough to handle, you can take Excel’s help and put that data into these rows and columns for a better understanding. The grouping feature in Excel lets you collapse rows easily.

For Excel collapse rows with headers, you will definitely be needing to add some thought into how you can do this when the sheet is all set up.

How Excel Collapse Rows with Context Menu?

Hiding rows in Excel by using the context menu is one of the main approaches you can use. In our dataset, you can see three orders for bananas. Let’s see how you can hide them:

  • First, choose the rows that have orders for Banana, such as rows 5, 6, and 7.

collapse rows context menu

  • Right-click on the mouse and then click on the “Hide” button from the Context Menu.

collapse rows context menu2

  • You will notice that rows 5, 6, and 7 are collapsed.

collapse rows context menu3

Excel Collapse Rows with Filtering

Filtering rows to hide them from a large collection of data is possible with data analysis in Excel. Let’s see how it happens:

  • First, select the entire dataset.

collapse rows filtering

  • From the Excel, Ribbon choose the Data Tab and then Filter.

collapse rows filtering2

  • Click on the down arrows that appear there. It will give you the option to filter rows based on specific criteria.

collapse rows filtering3

  • In the Category column, choose the down arrow. Check the Fruit option given in the context menu and press OK.

collapse rows filtering4

You will notice the dataset is now filtered for Fruit items only and Vegetable rows have been collapsed.

collapse rows filtering5

Excel Collapse Rows with Keyboard Shortcuts

Using a keyboard shortcut is the first approach for many Excel users. Excel every time provides shortcuts to save time and effort. This time for hiding rows, Excel gives us effectively used keyboard shortcuts. Let’s dive in to see how it happens:

  • First, choose the rows such as 5 – 10.

collapse rows shortcut

  • Now press the shortcut command:

ALT + H + O + R

collapse rows shortcut2

Things to Consider

While using keyboard shortcuts, follow the given keys as well:

  • To select the entire column in the dataset:

Press SHIFT + Space

  • To group selected rows:

Press SHIFT + ALT + Right Arrow key

  • To ungroup rows:

Press SHIFT + ALT + Left Arrow key

Wrap it Up

Now, you have learned the best methods for Excel collapse rows and columns. All you need to do is practice so that you can easily manage to perform any task quickly.

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