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In the home tab of the ribbon, we have a section dedicated to page alignment. Firstly, if I select some cells and click on some of these items, for example, align-left and we can see all the numbers move over to the left, and then if we align right, we can see everything get aligned to the right. And when we have an aligned center, it will work accordingly. Increase the row height on these rows to demonstrate another option up here. We can align everything to the top, to the center, or to the bottom of the rows. Also with an alignment, quite often I would use wrap text.

Furthermore, you can find out how to align text in excel, and for this, you have to stay with us. Let’s dig out more about where can you find more alignment options.

Use Merge Cell Alignment Option

For instance, if I type something into a cell and click return, you will see that the contents of this cell are overlapping all the cells. If I start typing something in the next cell, we can lose the visibility of the contents. So, if we use wrap text we will then wrap the text. In a cell alignment, excel is not optimizing the cell width or cell height, but it’s giving you the potential to see more in a cell. This way if you want to be able to see everything in the cell alignment you can.

I have typed some text in cell B1, if I then highlight B1 to G1, we have merged and centered options. The first one is merge and center, so, as we can see this centers the text across the selected cells. If I undo this, alternatively we have merged across.

But we’re aligned to the left or we can just merge the cells. We can unmerge them like this. Personally, I try to avoid using merge as your spreadsheets grow and become more complicated. And it might be possible that you use functions such as sorting as well as moving and copying.

Merge often causes problems. There is an alternative, which is center across a selection that doesn’t have the drawbacks of the merge. Yet, it achieves the same visual effects to access center across selection to use the down arrow or Ctrl 1.

Explore Format Cells

Click on the arrow and if we go to the alignment, we can choose the center across the selection. So, here we’ve centered the text across the selection of cells but haven’t actually merged them. That’s why we have perhaps achieved the same presentational objective and we’ll find it later on. As we get more advanced, we’re less likely to have errors or issues with this approach. Thank you!

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