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Have you ever tried wrapping text? 

Around normal Excel sheet contains 8.43 points in width and 15 points in height. Do you know when the text data is lengthy; you can increase the cell width to fit the data length? Yes, it is about 64 pixels wide and 20 pixels tall.

For this, you may need to wrap the text so that you can extend the row height to make your data fit in the cell.

What is Text Wrap?  

Excel users must be familiar with text wrapping. Though wrapping text in Excel is not used often but when your dataset is lengthy, you have to use it for many reasons. When the text is too long and cannot fit in the cell, you will see the sheet become problematic for you.

However, when you use the text wrap feature the lengthy data will get fit into the cell by default. It does not matter if your data exceeds the limited number of cell widths, wrap text can cover this problem. Definitely, you will not cut your data short to make it fit in the cell and no line breaks will be added. You will see it appeared to be formatted on multiple lines.

When you apply wrap text to any cell, you will notice the row height is managed accordingly to fit all the text.

  1. Wrapping text in Excel let you feel free because the text in a cell is prominent.
  2. You can wrap text using two different methods – edit the settings or else you can manually break lines up to text wrap.

Still, you will have to work on the row height to make it adjustable, so that your text is not hidden.

How to Wrap Text in Excel Automatically?

Below are some useful steps you can follow to wrap text automatically: 

  • First of all, go to Excel and choose the cells that needed to be formatted.
  • Select the Home tab, find the wrap text icon, and hit “Wrap Text.”
  • On the other hand, select the “Format” option given in the menu bar; choose “Cells” and then the “Wrap Text” option placed under the “Alignment” tab.

Always keep in mind that the size of the cell will surely affect the text. For instance, the cell width changes the data wrapping by default to fit the new space. Still, if some part of the wrapped text is hidden, it could be because of a specific height that does not support the amount of text.

Below are some steps to adjust the height issue: 

  • Choose the cells that needed to adjust the row height.
  • Select the “Format” tab and choose “Height.”
  • Now, you can choose “AutoFit Row Height” to adjust by default the row height to fit the text. Or else you can identify the exact height of the row by choosing “Row Height” and typing the height in the box.

How to Wrap Text in Excel Manually with Line Breaks?

You can also wrap text manually. For this, you have to break the lines up to transfer them to another line. Double-click on the cell that needs the line break.

Click on the location that is needed to make the line break and press the ALT + ENTER keys. It will move the text further down one line.

The text will wrap up when you click out of the cell.

Wrap Text Keyboard Shortcut 

Well, you will not be pleased to know that for wrapping text there is no specified keyboard shortcut. However, you can use the ALT hotkeys for this function. Choose the cells that needed to apply the wrap text feature.

For Excel wrap text shortcut press: ALT + H + W

It is a super easy and fast method to apply wrap text formatting.


Using the wrap text function can help you improve the styling of your spreadsheet. And you can make your data look presentable and readable. This function is highly significant because it does not need you to run lengthy procedures.

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