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How to Write Degree Sign In Excel

In Excel, incorporating the degree sign (°) is a common necessity for various types of data, especially in fields like science, engineering, or weather reporting. The degree symbol denotes temperature, angles, or other measurements that require this specific notation.Learning how to write the degree sign in Excel accurately can enhance the presentation and accuracy of your data. Below is a detailed guide on how to add the degree symbol in Excel, compiled from reputable sources and tailored for clarity and practicality.

The Importance of the Degree Symbol in Excel

The degree symbol is crucial for maintaining data integrity and clarity, especially when dealing with measurements like temperature (e.g., 25°C), angles (e.g., 90°), or geographic coordinates.Including the degree symbol ensures that your data is both accurate and professionally presented. Mastering this technique in Excel is essential for anyone working with numerical data that requires this specific notation.

Step-by-Step Process to Insert the Degree Sign in Excel

To insert the degree symbol (°) in Excel, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Using the Insert Symbol Feature:

   Place your cursor in the cell where you want to insert the degree symbol.

   Go to the “Insert” tab in the Excel ribbon.

   Click on “Symbol” (the location of this button might vary slightly depending on your Excel version).

   A window will appear. Ensure that “Font” is set to “(normal text)” and scroll through the available symbols until you find the degree symbol (°).

   Select the degree symbol and click “Insert”. Then close the window.

  1. Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

   Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts:

     For Windows: Press and hold down the ALT key, then type “0176” on the numeric keypad (make sure Num Lock is on). Release the ALT key, and the degree symbol will appear.

     For Mac: Press Option + Shift + 8 to insert the degree symbol (°).

  1. Formula Method:

   You can also use a formula to display the degree symbol in a cell. For example:

     Type `=45&”°”` in a cell to display “45°”.

Significance of Each Method

Each method provides flexibility based on your preference and workflow:

Insert Symbol Feature:

Suitable for occasional use when you need to insert symbols beyond basic characters.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ideal for quick access without leaving the keyboard, enhancing efficiency.

Formula Method:

Useful for dynamically generating text with the degree symbol within formulas.


  • Incorporating the degree symbol in Excel is a valuable skill for anyone handling numerical data requiring specific notation.
  • By mastering these techniques, you can enhance the presentation and accuracy of your spreadsheets, making your data more professional and easier to understand.
  • Whether it’s for scientific analysis, weather reporting, or other fields, knowing how to write the degree symbol in Excel is a beneficial skill to have. Apply these methods based on your specific needs to streamline your data presentation and analysis in Excel.

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