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Do you know what hyperlinks are and for what purpose you use them?

The basic function of hyperlinks is to direct your search towards the main site so that you can have more detail about some product or brand. Hyperlinks refer you to other data by just clicking on them. For the most part, a hyperlink is responsible to refer you to a webpage into a piece of text.

Do you have any idea how you would insert hyperlinks in Excel while making a yearly report of your sales?

Well, Excel has much more than just hyperlinking a webpage to the text. You can even add other worksheets or workbooks or even you can make a link to e-mail. Other than text, you can easily insert hyperlinks in tables, charts, and images.

Below you will find some easy-to-go methods that can help you in adding hyperlinks, so let’s get started:

Insert Hyperlink in Excel from the Context Menu

If you need to add a hyperlink to a workbook, you can use the Hyperlink command quickly. For this, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Choose a cell in which you need to insert the hyperlink.
  • Right-click on the cell and then choose the Hyperlink option given in the context menu.

insert hyperlink context menu_11zon

  • Click on the Place in This Document in the Link to part of you need to link the cell to a certain place in the same workbook.
  • Choose the worksheet that needed to be linked in or else choose a location in the document field.
  • Add the cell address in the Type the cell reference field if you need to link it with a specific cell of another sheet.
  • Put a value or name in the Text to display the field. It will show the hyperlink in the cell.

insert hyperlink context menu2_11zon

  • Click OK.

insert hyperlink context menu3_11zon

  • You will notice the cell content has turned blue, which clearly shows the cell has a hyperlink. Click on the link and you will see how it works.

How to Insert Hyperlink in Excel with Drag & Drop

Using the drag & drop option, you can execute this function smoothly. Let’s understand how this procedure works by following these steps:

  • First of all, you need to be careful about one thing your workbook must be saved. If the workbook is new and you have not saved it yet, this procedure will not be effective.
  • Choose a cell in which you need to add a link. This cell will be dragged to another worksheet to which you need to link it.
  • Point to the border of the cell and right-click on the cell.
  • Press the ALT key and drag the cell onto the tab of another sheet.

insert hyperlink drag n drop_11zon

  • Release the ALT key once the other sheet is opened. Now drag to the cell where you need to add the hyperlink.
  • Release the right mouse button as well and choose to Create Hyperlink Here option from the pop-up menu.

insert hyperlink drag n drop2_11zon

  • You will see a hyperlink is added in the cell.

How to Insert Hyperlink in Excel with HYPERLINK Function

Do you know that Excel has a HYPERLINK function as well?

Yes, the hyperlink function is used in Excel for making new links between sheets in the workbook. For beginners who don’t know how to add Excel formulas in the Formula bar, we have come up with a few easy steps to follow:

  • Choose a cell in which you need to insert a hyperlink.
  • From the FORMULAS tab, open the Function Library.
  • Click on the Lookup & Reference list and choose HYPERLINK.

insert hyperlink function_11zon

  • In the formula bar, you will now see the function name. put the following two HYPERLINK function arguments: link_location and friendly_name.
  • Link_location argument refers to the specific cell in another sheet and friendly_name shows the jump text to appear in the cell.

insert hyperlink function2_11zon

  • Fill in the Link_location text box.

insert hyperlink function3_11zon

  • In case, when you don’t understand the address to add, you can use the Select range icon. It will simply choose the targeted cell. In the Link_location box, you will see the address.

insert hyperlink function4_11zon

  • Put the number sign # right before the chosen location.

insert hyperlink function5_11zon

  • In the lower left side of the Function Arguments box, you will see the formula outcome while you move to the Friendly_name box.
  • Put Friendly_name you need to add in the cell.

Click OK.

insert hyperlink context menu_11zon

That’s it!

You will notice that the formula is placed in the formula bar and the link is highlighted in the cell. You can click on the link to see if it works or not.

Closing Thoughts

You can use the above methods as per your choice but each method has its significance that’s why you cannot underestimate the worth of any process.

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