Complete Introduction To Outlook

Welcome to Microsoft office outlook 365. To go through the Microsoft office outlook 365 from the very beginners to the advanced level. We're going to find out so many things that can be done with outlook. Not just such as email messaging but also organizing our Calendar meetings tasks to be followed up to send to people. And many different ways that our folders can be organized etc. But first of all, I just [...]


How To Create A Swimlane Diagram In Ms Visio

We are going to see how we can create a Swimlane Diagram. We see what the stream link is for that we go to the File tab in the backstage view. We are going to click on new. Because we don't have the template here in the most recently used. So we click on new we don't have it here either. We click into the search box this time, and we are going to type [...]


Using Quick Notes In Microsoft OneNote

What is called the quick notes, a quick note is all about? we are going to click and select, now we can see that, at the moment it says this section is empty. Click here or press Enter to add a page so, we could also just simply start and go into another application. Take a note a quick note within another Microsoft office application or internet application. We can use the OneNote quick note, so let's [...]


What Are Queries In MS Access?

Having looked at tables and creating tables and adding data to tables. We've seen the underlying nuts and bolts of the start of an Access Database. Now when it comes to databases, there are two sides to the whole story, There is input in the data. So, getting data into the tables storing away until eventually. We require to read that data read the data is generally done through a query. Because we would query [...]


How To Select Shapes In Ms Visio 2019

It's time to see the different ways that we have to select our shapes no matter how many shapes we have to do. That we are going to leave this shape here. For Example: Move it out of the way a little bit further to the right-hand side here in line with the other ones. We are going to select a couple of shapes here. First, we're going to see all of them now. If we do [...]


Use Of Document Library In Ms SharePoint

In this session, you will be taught more about the document library. We are going through some of its other functions. You can add files to this document library using the drag and drop feature. So I'll demonstrate that for you now, so I have here these text files. To upload one of them using the drag and drop features. To drag this one right to the SharePoint library area. Release, and it shows that [...]


How To Validate In Ms Visio In 2019

We are going to know about how to perform a process validation and what it is all about. So, it is very Handy, and it is worth doing when we have big charts, etc. So that we make sure that nothing is missing. We can see that for the purpose of this session. We have some shapes that don't have any data inserted no text. Some are finishing this is a process shape that is [...]


The Primary Key Feature In Ms Access

This session you will be taught that why you need one and how you get one. If we take the customers table that we've already created .We've added Mr. Gaetano Vaccaro let's just hide the navigation pane for a moment what is it. Why Do We Need The Primary Key Feature In Ms Access Why do we need them well the Primary Key feature in Ms Access is a way of uniquely identifying any individual row [...]


How To Get Familiar With Excel Worksheet

The Excel workbook and worksheets are just a file container for worksheets and related items .It's what you're going to save. it's what you're going to retrieve workbooks contain one or more worksheets the default is one a workbook can be as simple or as complex. in theory you can have an unlimited number of worksheets As you desire in theory you can have an unlimited number of worksheets in a workbook in practice. [...]