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how to short date in excel

How to Short Date in Excel – Apply Short Date Format

Excel can handle any sort of data including text, numbers, and …

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how to timestamp in excel

How to Timestamp in Excel – Insert Timestamp in Excel

The Date and Timestamp are something that differs in every region …

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how to select data in excel

How to Select Data in Excel – Select a Cell in Excel

Excel users often have to select data while performing a task. …

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how to find column value in excel

How to Find a Column Value in Excel – Excel Search Column for Value

Excel helps in analyzing small or large data files containing multiple …

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how to filter rows in excel

How to Filter Rows in Excel

Using filters in Excel makes you able to perform multiple tasks …

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How to Extract Data from Excel

How to Extract Data from Excel – Extracting Data from Excel

Extracting data from Excel could be sometimes a tricky thing when …

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how to create drop down excel

How to Create Drop-down Filter in Excel – Excel Drop-down Filter

Have you ever used a drop-down filter in Excel? Microsoft Excel …

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Removing Formulas in Excel

Removing Formulas in Excel – Microsoft Excel Tricks

Analytical functions become painless when using Microsoft Excel. This tool has …

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Quick Analysis Tool Excel Mac

How to Find Quick Analysis Tool Excel Mac

To analyze data in Excel, you can use the Excel quick …

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Long Date Format Excel

Long Date Format Excel – Understanding of Long Date Format Effectively

Excel as you know is full of features, so you can …

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