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Though you cannot make modifications in cell formats one by one because it could be a lengthy and tiring thing, that’s why you always have to use some features used in Excel. However, to apply new formats, you must have to clear the previous formats applied in cells.

Here you will find a feasible answer to the question of how to clear formatting in Excel when you don’t have much time. We have gathered a few methods that can help you remove cell formatting easily. Also, for your satisfaction let me clear one thing, your data in the cells will not be changed while changing the formatting. Format changing helps in resolving many issues you may have to face because of cell data or format.

Each time you add new data in larger sheets, you will have to apply the new format to make it look presentable. At times, it might be possible that you have to highlight some values in the sheet and it can happen only when you remove cell formatting applied earlier.

On the other hand, you may have to make changes in the cell borders, fonts, colors, or alignment. All these functions require your time and knowledge that’s why Excel has made it easier for you to make changes in the cell formatting without being in a mess.

Tips for Clear Formatting

Below are some easy-to-follow tips to remove cell formatting quickly. With Excel’s clear formatting feature, you can manage to apply new formatting while removing the previous one from one cell to one row or column and a whole sheet even.

  • Select the entire sheet if you need to clear formatting from the whole sheet. Press CTRL + A to select an entire sheet, or else you can press the Select All button placed on the top left side of the sheet.
  • Now, click on Clear Formats.
  • Select the whole row or column if you need to clear formatting from one row or a column. Click on the heading of the row or column to select that row or column.
  • When you have non-adjacent cells or ranges, choose the first cell or range when you are removing formats. Press and hold the CTRL with the selection of other cells or ranges.

Let’s start with our quick methods to understand how to clear formatting in Excel.

Keyboard Shortcut to Remove All Formatting from Cells in Excel

Press ALT + E + A + F from the keyboard

You can use this keyboard shortcut from any version of Excel.

How to Clear Formatting in Excel using Format Painter

Do you know the usage of Format Painter in Excel?

Other than copy formatting in Excel, the Format Painter is helpful in clearing format as well. you just have to follow the steps given below:

Choose an unformatted cell next to the cell from which you need to clear formatting.

Now, open the Home tab and choose the Format Painter option given in the Clipboard group.

Select the cell from which you need to remove the formatting.

That’s it!

You can see the formatting is cleared and you are all set to apply new formatting.

clear formatting with format painter

Keep in mind that you cannot cleat formatting with the help of Cleat Formats or Format Painter options, which is applied to some part of the cell data. For instance, when you highlight just one word of a cell with some color, such formatting will not be removed.

clear formatting with format painter 2

That’s it! this is how to clear formatting in Excel.

How to Clear All Formatting in Excel

You can modify the presentation of your data to make it look awesome. If you have applied unwanted formatting or excessive formatting, you will have to face side effects and ultimately your sheet will not be noticeable enough.

Most likely you can avoid this situation by removing all the existing formatting. For this, you have to follow the steps carefully given below:

  • Choose the cell or range of cells that needed to clear formatting.
  • Open the Home tab and click on the arrow placed next to the Clear button.
  • Choose the Clear Formats option.

Following these steps will remove cell formatting such as number formats, colors, borders, fonts, or conditional formatting. However, your data in the cells will remain there.

Clear Format from the Home Tab

Open the Home tab given in the Excel ribbon and find the option clear all formats. Click on this option. You will find this approach clear-cut that can help you learn how to clear formatting in Excel.

clear format home tab

Below are some steps you need to follow:

  • Choose the range of cells from which you need to clear formats.
  • Open the Home tab.

clear format home tab 2

  • Open the Clear option given in the Editing group.
  • Select Clear Formats from the menu options.

clear format home tab 3

You will see all the formatting is removed in a few minutes only. This is how you can clear formatting in Excel by using the Home tab option.

Excel lets you avail multiple options to execute different sorts of functions. You can try any method given above and each method is superbly effective.

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