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With Graphs and Charts, you can present data visually in a way that makes users understand data easily. Just a single glance over a chart or graph will let others understand many things about data, whether it is small or big, numeric or text, formatted or not.

Seeing a picture is quite worthy instead of presenting data in rows and columns.

What is a Stacked Bar Chart Excel?

A stacked bar chart is commonly known as an alternative to the bar chart. In a stacked bar chart, your data would be in horizontal or vertical bars and each bar shows a whole amount broken into small amounts. All the small parts of data will appear in a single color in each bar.

With stacked bar charts, you can find changes in a group of data. For instance, a stacked bar chart is used when you need to display an increase or decrease in the value of an investment in a stock portfolio.

Why Use a Stacked Bar Chart Excel؟

The User-friendly interface of a stacked bar chart Excel lets its users understand data easily. Furthermore, you can handle data larger data without being disordered.

Types of Stacked Bar Chart Excel:

Basically, we have 3 different kinds of Stacked Bar Chart Excel:

Simple Stacked Bars:

This type of stacked bar chart can put the absolute value of all subcategories after or over the earlier one. The graph is readily available to present the absolute value of all subcategories besides the totals relative to the collective value of the category. You will also notice that each bar has a different height or length in a simple stacked bar chart.

simple stacked bars

Hierarchical Stacked Bar Chart:

In a Hierarchical Stacked Bar Chart, you present data in hierarchical visualization that shows variables in the data as wholes are divided into parts across two categorical variables. Bars used in this type of chart are split into categories. It might be possible that key bars may have the same height but changes within subcategories.

hierarchal stacked bar chart

Percentage Stacked Bar Chart:

In a Percentage Stacked bar chart, every primary bar has the same height. However, the subcategories of this chart appear at different heights. And the height based on the numerical values it has. The upper part of the chart gives enough information that helps in understanding data easily.

percentage stacked chart

Significance of Stacked Bar Chart:

A stacked bar chart has multiple uses for a visual representation of a larger dataset, trend analysis, quick comparisons, and much more. Below you can find major uses of a stacked bar chart:

  • You can make comparisons between multiple categories.
  • This chart type can help you in presenting a large data size.
  • It also lets you analyze changes in data as time passes.
  • Data grouped in nominal or ordinal categories can be presented with a stacked bar chart.
  • You can even represent data visually in multiple groups.

How to Make a Stacked Bar Chart Excel?

The basic procedure for making any kind of chart is similar in Excel. Below you can find basic to advanced steps used in Excel:

Steps to Make a Stacked Bar Chart Excel:

  • Select the data you need to present in a chart.

how to make stacked bar chart

  • Click Chart and choose the type of chart you need to make.

And your chart is in front of you.

Actually, a stacked chart has further options:

  • Stacked bar
  • Stacked column
  • 100% stacked bar
  • 100% stacked column

You can choose each option with 2D or 3D variations. Try any of the options given there and present your data accordingly.

Tips for Making Stacked Bar Chart:

Once a chart is done, you can use many ways to interpret data easily. Below we have some important tips to choose from:

You can make changes in the axes that increase the readability level. Moreover, changes in the scale and subtraction or addition of grid lines can also be done.

Additionally, you can make visual links between relevant data. And these lines can even drag your interest to the success of results.

With titles, you can clarify the message of the chart. Besides, you can add a chart title as well as an axis title.

To Sum Up:

Today, you have learned what a stacked bar chart is. Furthermore, in this post, the procedure of stacked bar chart Excel is explained in easy-to-follow steps. Hopefully, the information given in the post is super helpful to you.

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