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Excel no doubt is a wonderful tool used worldwide for data analysis and many other functions are performed using this software. If a tool lets you handle a huge amount of data, you must know that you could face errors. Though it would be frustrating when you face errors and this frustration becomes worst when you don’t know the reason behind this error.

What does #Name mean in Excel? Do you have any idea about this error? Among all other errors, a #Name error sometimes makes the user confused because it is one of the most appearing errors a user encounters while working. Excel provides assistance in every way to its users as it lets you use the simplest to most advanced formulas. However, it does not mean that you will not have to face any troubles. Excel from time to time according to the data type pops up errors of different kinds and #Name error is one of those.

Today, we will discuss this error in detail besides how you can fix this error.

What Does #Name Error Mean in Excel?

It clearly shows that the named reference does not exist in Excel. You can name cells and ranges in Excel that can be used in formulas as well. when you need to refer to cells on another sheet or case you need to make an absolute reference, this error is useful.

Reasons behind #Name Error

#Name error could probably have many reasons to occur. It might be possible that you are using a formula and this error appears, which means that the formula you have entered does not identify something in it. Let’s dive in to see what other reasons are there that lead to the #Name error.

Mistyping a Named Reference

As the name implies, when you mistype a name, chances are you will have to face a #Name error.

How to Fix #Name Error when Occur because of Mistyping?

If the reason behind the #Name error is mistyping the named reference, you can fix it by applying the F3 function key rather than typing the name. with the F3 function key, you will see a list of names given on the workbook within a dialog box. Apply this fix when you have to type the named reference in the formula.

name error mistyping refernece

Another fix to this error is by choosing the name from the list functions and names that show when you start typing a formula. All you need to know is the first letter of the name.

name error mistyping refernece2

Misspelled Formula Name

Another common reason that triggers a #Name error is when you are trying to put a wrong formula name. Suppose, you intended to use the VLOOKUP formula and you accidentally misspelled VLOOKUP as VLOOKUP. Excel does not recognize this formula and in return, you will have to face the #Name error.

name error misspelled formula

Not Referring to Text in Formula Properly

Referring to text in a formula, such as an IF statement, you must enclose the text in double quotes or else get ready to face the #Name error.

Below is an example for further explanation:


It would definitely cause an error.


This is the right format to type and it will not let you encounter an error.

#Name Error Because of Values in a Formula without Quotes:

The text value in a formula should always be enclosed in double quotation marks. For any reason, if your text value is not in double quotes, Excel will be unable to identify the value as if it is a named range or a function name. ultimately, Excel will show an #Name error.

Below is an example you can have a look at that explains this phenomenon better.

Suppose we use the LEN function to find the length of the word “Labrador”. In B5, you can see the formula is entered without double quotes (“). Labrador is not a named range that’s why you will have to face the #Name error.

name error quotes

Fix #Name Error

Adding double quotes in B5 will fix this issue and the length of the word will also appear. #Name error will ultimately be removed.

name error quotes2

Fixing #Name Errors in Excel

Fixing a #Name error is not an easy thing that’s why most of the users prefer deleting this error and moving on. Fixing an error is difficult until you don’t know the main cause that leads to the error. Every time when you encounter a #Name error, identifying the reason for this error is mandatory.

Since without diagnosis, you cannot find a solution to any problem.

With the help of the “Find” feature, you can identify the errors and in the end, you will have to fix each error manually to keep on working the sheet.

Other Issues with Excel #Name Errors:

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, sometimes you may have to face advanced issues that cause the #Name error to appear in Excel.

For instance, sometimes an advanced function launched in a later version of Excel is used in a sheet and you try to open that sheet in an older version of Excel, it would also be a reason that you will encounter a #Name error.

Another reason is when you try to save the Excel file with another name; it also can cause this error because if you have a macro with formulas in the first file and the other file does not have macros enabled, you will definitely face the #Name error.

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