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If you ever noticed, an Excel spreadsheet has all the rows and columns of the same size. You can enter 8.43 characters in a cell. So, what will you do if you need to add more than 8.43 characters in a cell? Take it easy, as it is not a big issue. You can add more and more data in a cell as you need.

At first, when you enter more data in the worksheet, you will see that some of the entered data is not visible in the cell, instead, you will see ###### in a cell. It clearly shows that the column width is not enough to accommodate all the content in the cell. To sort out this issue, you have to adjust the column width so that your data appears on the sheet. Excel introduces the “Autofit” feature to solve this problem, but do you have any idea where is Autofit in Excel? Let’s dig out how you can Autofit in Excel.  

How to Autofit in Excel?

Autofit in Excel can be accessed through the mouse, the Excel ribbon menu, or via direct keyboard shortcuts. Here is how you can use Autofit in Excel:

Autofit Rows and Columns Using Mouse Double-Click

As you can see in the data below, the text spills over from one column to another due to the column width not being sufficient.

With the help of a mouse, you can Autofit column width easily:

  1. Place the cursor at the right edge of the column header.
  2. You will see the cursor turns into a double-sided arrow icon.
  1. Now, double click the mouse’ left key and that’s it.

Within seconds, you will notice that column width is automatically adapted to the content length in each cell. You will not face text spill issues from now on. Also, note that the column width spreads out to the cell, which needs maximum width.

Autofit Rows and Columns Using Excel Ribbon

In Excel, you can quickly autofit cells using this Excel Ribbon method. As the data are given below, you have to set the width of column A.

Below are some easy to follow steps:

  1. Choose the column you want to autofit.
  2. Go to the Home tab.
  1. Click on the “Format” option given in the Cells group. You will also find some extra options in the drop-down menu.
  1. Press the “Autofit Column Width” option.

By doing this, the cell width will increase instantaneously so that the contents in the cells are adjustable. Using the same steps as above, you can also adjust row height automatically. To do this, you need to select the rows that you want to autofit for the content first. Next, select the “Autofit Row Height” option.

Autofit Column Width and Row Height With a Keyboard Shortcut

If you don’t want to get yourself in trouble by remembering the steps given above, you can simply apply some shortcut keys from the keyboard to autofit in Excel:

  1. From a column or row, choose any cell you want to autofit. If you want to autofit multiple non-adjacent columns or rows, choose a column or row, and hold the CTRL key down while selecting the other columns and rows.  
  2. If you want to apply the autofit option on the entire sheet, press CTRL + A, or you may click the Select All button.
  3. Choose any of the given keyboard shortcuts:
  • To Autofit column width: Press ALT + H + O + I
  • To Autofit row height: Press ALT + O + A

Bear in mind that you don’t have to press each key all at once. Instead, you have to press each key in combination with other keys.

  • ALT + H keys allow you to choose the Home tab on the Excel ribbon.
  • O lets you open the Format menu.
  • I allows you to choose the Autofit Column Width option.
  • A chooses the Autofit Row Height option.

If you are worried about remembering the shortcut keys sequence, don’t be. Excel always shows the keys to access all the options available on the ribbon as you press the first key combination ALT +H. When you open the Format menu option, you can choose the keys from it:

Use Autofit for Specific Columns or Rows in Excel

If you are wondering, how to autofit specific columns or rows in Excel, using this method you can quickly increase or decrease the size.

  1. At first, you have to open the Excel spreadsheet and choose the column or rows to autofit. For Windows, you can even make multiple selections by pressing and holding the CTRL.  
  1. Click on the “Home” tab once you finish selecting the rows and columns in the Excel ribbon at the top.
  1. When you are at the Home tab, choose the “Cells” menu and click on the “Format” option.
  1. To autofit the columns, choose the “Autofit Column Width” option in the “Format” menu. Or if you want to autofit the rows, choose the “Autofit Row Height” option.
  1. That way Excel increases or decreases the size of rows and columns for the full content display.

All done!

Autofit an Entire Worksheet in Excel

You can simply apply to autofit function on the entire sheet when you are having a large spreadsheet with loads of rows and columns. Nobody would like to spend time selecting and applying each step one by one on the entire spreadsheet. That’s why we have managed to find out a method to autofit an entire worksheet in Excel.

  1. First, open the spreadsheet and click on the worksheet name given at the bottom of your spreadsheet.
  1. Once you have opened the worksheet successfully, choose the entire worksheet by choosing the Select All option placed on the upper left side of the worksheet. Or else, you can even press CTRL + A for Windows and Command + A for Mac.
  2. Also remember that if the keyboard shortcut selects just a specific section from the worksheet, you have to press it again to choose the entire worksheet.
  1. On the Excel ribbon, click on the tab titled “Home” so that you can see how the entire worksheet is selected.
  1. Click the “Format” menu from the “Cell” option given in the “Home” tab menu.
  1. Resizing the columns in the worksheet needs you to choose “Autofit Column Width” from the “Format” menu. Choose the “Autofit Row Height” option to resize the rows.

Upon completing this action, Excel will make sure that all the changes you need to the spreadsheet are applied.

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