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Let’s start our topic with the basics of functions that we often use in Excel.

You must have a clear idea about what is a function in Excel. However, still, sometimes it is necessary for beginners to have a look at the fundamental features.

Basics of a Function

Basically, a block of code that lets you repeat any task is called a function. You can repeat it as much as you want. And it does not matter at all for what project you are trying to use it. For instance, you can create a function for the purpose of:

 When you provide code reusing, you make codes free from idleness as well as bring down the maintenance slide. You don’t need to modify the same code for different sections. Well, you can enhance or even update the function as needed.

What parameters do you need to consider in a function?

It might be possible that the input data needed for action is passed into the function in terms of parameters or arguments. With functions, you can reverse back some values once an action is performed.

At times, you may have noticed an error “You’ve Entered Too Few Arguments For This Function” while working with Excel. It mainly happens when you don’t fill up the required spaces for the arguments to perform a function in an Excel formula.

Potential Causes

Why does this error occur? There can be a few possible reasons that lead to this error and we have all the possible solutions to it as well.

Example 1:

If you are likely to sum all the numbers given in the range A2:A10 with a condition that the numbers must be greater than 50, then you have to make sure to use the SUMIF function. You can write this formula as:


What do you think? Will it be working? The answer is NO.

You need to mention three arguments for the SUMIF formula such as the criteria, the criteria range, and the sum range. Remember that the sum range is not mandatory when the sum range and criteria range is the same. That’s why the SUMIF function needs at least two arguments.

However, here you can see just 1 argument. That’s the reason you are experiencing an error “You’ve entered too few arguments for this function.”

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Example 2:

By mistake, you cannot find this error. Let’s have a look at the below-given formula and see if it work or not.

=SUMIF(A2:A10 “>50”)

Actually, it also does not work. You will again find the same “You’ve Entered Too Few Arguments in this Function” error. Why it would not work?

Well, by default an Excel gives comma (,) for argument separator. It mainly happens when we say yes to the list separator in formulas. Or else you can use another list that is unaccepted in Excel. Keep in mind that Excel will not consider the above-written formulas as completely done. These formulas are not more than one argument. However, still, we have not provided the required arguments to the function that results in an error.  

So, what would be the right argument?

Here is the right formula:


Example 3:

So, what do you think, the above formula will work or not? It hardly will cause any problem and restrict to working normally. Check if your system has a list separator such as colon, semicolon, or event space, so the formula will not work accordingly. You may have to experience an unwanted error.

You can change the list separator in your system. For this, you need to

Open the active window or press the Windows + R shortcut key. Now, type “intl. cpl” and press the enter key.

While doing this step, you should not add quotes. You will see a regional window. You will see in the bottom right corner of the window for additional settings.

Now is the right time to check the list separator and write “,” common or reset to default.

 Doing this will help Excel understand that the comma is a list separator. Ultimately, you will not experience the error “You’ve entered too few arguments in this function”.

Trying the same formula might not let you experience the same error. So, that’s it and this is how you remove the headache of getting an error “You’ve entered too few arguments in this function”.

Hopefully, this article has provided everything you need to clear out your concerns.

The syntax for arguments:

Function <Function name> ([argument1 [, argument2 [, argument3 [ …… ] ] ] ] ])

<function code>

End Function

For example:

With the function, you can print whether the customer is a senior citizen or not. The age of the function 

 ‘called function

Function typeofcustomer(age)

    If age &amp;amp;gt; 60 Then

        Debug.Print “Customer is a senior citizen”


        Debug.Print “Customer is not a senior citizen”

    End If

End Function

Sub findout()

    custage = InputBox(“Enter the age of the customer”)

‘calling function

    typeofcustomer (custage)

End Sub

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