How Can I Wrap Text in Excel?

Occasionally when working in Excel you may enter a string of data that is rather long. Cells have a default to hold 8.43 characters within them and anything over that will be cut off when data is entered in the cell to the right of it. This Excel tutorial and additional Excel courses will show you how to wrap text in this program. As shown in Figure 1, the column headers “service code” [...]

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What Should I Avoid When Creating A Report in Excel?

If you are looking to create a report in Excel, I recommend taking a read of this conversation I had on LinkedIn. This brief conversation will give you some insight as you continue with your future Excel courses. Message I got from a LinkedIn contact: Hi Pete here, I work as a financial analyst, I’m not very creative do you have any tips for how I can make my charts look professional? Here’s my [...]

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