How Do I Filter Records in Excel?

Nowadays, Excel files are loaded with numerous records. In such cases, it is very difficult to find specific information quickly. My Excel classes are here to help you learn how to most efficiently navigate these spreadsheets. The Excel filter will help hide unwanted records and lets us view only necessary records on the worksheet. Can you Filter Records with Excel’s Built-In Filter? Before using the Excel filter, make sure that your data range [...]

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How do I Delete Duplicates in Excel?

When you are collating spreadsheets from several other spreadsheets, there are higher chances that the final master spreadsheet will have duplicate records. My Excel classes will teach you not only how to find these duplicates, but how to delete them as well. You must delete duplicates in Excel; failure to do so will result in wrong data representations in your reports. How can you use Excel’s Built-In Remove Duplicates functionality? This option helps [...]

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Why Do Good Excel Classes Suggest Avoiding the Excel HLOOKUP Feature?

Here’s a question I got from one of my Excel classes subscribers, Joseph: ‘Sohail, can you kindly explain how best to use the Excel HLOOKUP?’ Yes, Joseph, here’s my explanation, although it may not be very kind: ‘Never use HLOOKUPs. Never ever.’ Is that, okay Joseph? Did I cover all the points you wanted me to? Wouldn’t life be easier if I was a bit nicer and just explained the HLOOKUP to poor [...]

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Excel AutoFill Function

The Excel AutoFill feature enters data based on a pattern versus entering each cell manually. The AutoFill feature is turned on by default in Excel, but if it has been turned off you must go to the File tab and select Options.  In the advanced menu, make sure “enable autocomplete for cell values” has been checked. If for some reason, you do not want Excel to AutoFill values, uncheck the box and this [...]

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