How to Get the Most out of MS Excel

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Whatever your reasons are for using Excel, high are the chances that you still want to know more about it so you can use it for far wider applications. Business users are constantly looking for ways to use the program to help them improve their accounting and financial processes. If you want to transform yourself from a novice to an expert user [...]

Why is MS Excel Essential for Businesses?

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Of all the benefits of using MS Excel for businesses, inventory management must be its best application. And many companies will agree. Using MS Excel definitely makes the complicated task of inventory keeping so much easier and faster. It’s quite possible to build a simple Excel file with several formulas, validations, and conditional formatting to create an inventory spreadsheet that allows you to input [...]

How to Make the Full Use of MS Excel

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Sure you know how to use MS Excel but can you consider yourself proficient in it? Proficiency is what sets novices apart from the experts. Expert MS Office users can complete just about any task on a spreadsheet in just a few minutes what novice users can do in hours. To level up your skills from a novice to an advanced MS Excel [...]

Advanced MS Excel Formula You Must Know

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 If you’re a financial analyst, then you must be very proficient in Excel because you are going to spend a lot of time in using it. And by Excel proficiency, it means that you can move, manipulate, and analyze the data in each cell until it gives you a good business insight to make the right decisions for the business. There are several [...]

The Advantages of MS Office 365 over the Install Version

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 It’s not surprising why a lot of Microsoft Office users shifted to Office 365 when it was released in 2011. From the traditional disc-installed version, the cloud versions of MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word seem to be the more feasible choice for many. Office 365 is called the subscription version while the recently released Office 2019 is referred to as the stand-alone [...]

Important Uses of MS Excel in Business

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 MS Excel is not just a tool to create spreadsheets. It’s one of the most indispensable applications included in the MS Office suite and for a good reason. This software isn’t all about numbers even. With the inclusion of Visual Basic for Application in its system, the functionality of this software can practically exceed your imagination. If you’re running a business, high are [...]

Helpful MS Excel Functions That You Should Know

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 MS Excel proficiency can either make you more competitive in your current workplace or highly employable in the top organizations. Hiring experts on this software is advantageous to companies because they know that they can help speed up most of their everyday business processes. There’s no doubt that your knowledge in MS Excel will take you to higher places. The only thing that [...]

Microsoft Office 365 or MS Office 2019: Which is Better?

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Would you like to upgrade or purchase Microsoft Office but you just realized that there are two versions of this software currently available? That’s right. Those who need MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint and all the other programs included the Microsoft Office suite can now choose between the traditional install version, which is MS Office 2019 and the online version, which is MS [...]

Should I buy Office 365 or Install Version?

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 If you need to install Microsoft Office in your system to run either Word or Excel, then you have two options in front of you. You can either get Office 365 or the traditional install version, which is Office 2016. These two suites will give you access to the same useful software although the actual features you get may be a little [...]

How Do I Filter Records in Excel?

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Nowadays, Excel files are loaded with numerous records. In such cases, it is very difficult to find specific information quickly. My Excel classes are here to help you learn how to most efficiently navigate these spreadsheets. The Excel filter will help hide unwanted records and lets us view only necessary records on the worksheet. Can you Filter Records with Excel’s Built-In Filter? [...]

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