How to Unprotect A Workbook And Worksheet In Excel

Workbooks or Worksheets can be protected to prevent the manipulation of data either intentionally or accidentally. Passwords can be put in place to ensure only those employees who have the password can access the workbook or worksheet. The following will article will detail how to unprotect a workbook that is not password protected, unprotect a workbook that is password protected, and how to save the information in a password protected workbook when the password is [...]


How To Filter Data In Excel

How to Filter data in excel Abstract Nowadays, excel files are loaded with numerous records. In such cases, it is very difficult to find an information quickly. Excel’s Filter will help us hide unwanted records and lets us view only necessary records on the worksheet. Filter records through the GUI Level of difficulty: LOW Option 1: Excel’s FilterBefore using Excel’s filter, make sure that your data range has headers. The filter will be applied [...]


Conditonal Formatting In Excel

The Definitive Guide to Conditional Formatting in Excel Conditional Formatting is a feature in Excel that enables you to highlight cells based on certain criteria. It helps you to focus on key information, visualize data, make worksheets easier to understand and keep you on top of your workload. It allows you to apply formatting like data bars, colors, icons, etc to one or more cells based on the cell value. Each rule has two [...]


Basic Intro To Ms Excel

Hey! Still reading those Dummies books and struggling to work your way through, Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!!This article will demystify you and help you walk through the basics of Excel and make your journey to learn Excel a lot simpler and enjoyable.Making your basics crystal clear is essential if you want to understand the advanced functionality of Excel.So, let’s get started with the building blocks of Excel - An Excel WorksheetA Single SpreadsheetIt [...]


How To Wrap Text In Excel

Occasionally when working in Excel you may enter a string of data that is rather long. Cells have a default to hold 8.43 characters within them and anything over that will be cut off when data is entered in the cell to the right of it. As shown in Figure 1, the column headers “Service Code” and “Service Description” have been cutoff and the “Hourly Rate” is pouring over into Column D. To view a larger [...]


How To Use The Lookup Function In Excel

There are a multitude of really great techniques to find information, the focus for today is Lookup Function in Excel the Excel lookup function.  If you are not entirely sure how to work with this lesser known formulas, I recommend going to the FORMULA Tab in the Ribbon under Lookup & Reference as highlighted.The LOOKUP Function should be used when you are searching a single row or column for one piece of data in order [...]


How To Print Gridlines in Excel

Print Gridlines Excel does not automatically print the gridlines with the data when printing a worksheet or workbook. Gridlines make reading the data easier by separating the columns and rows from one another. Below is a side by side comparison of what the data will print like with and without gridlines. By printing the gridlines, the data is separated and it is easier to read across the rows.. To turn on the Print Gridlines: [...]


Round() Function in Excel

IntroductionIt returns number rounded to a certain number of digits in your spreadsheet. The ROUND function can round to the left or right of the decimal point. This function applies to MS Excel 2007 and all higher versions.In that small article, you'll learn how to utilize the ROUND() function in MS Excel with syntax and some examples. Let's walkthrough...Syntax of ROUND function=ROUND(number, num_digits) Wherenumber represents  the number that you wish to round andnum_digits represent the number [...]


How To Use Subtotal Function In Excel

IntroductionThe Subtotal function will come in all designs of MS Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Excel 2007, and lower. Unlike different Excel functions that are designed to do just one certain issue, Subtotal is surprisingly very - it is able to do different arithmetic and reasonable operations such as counting, calculating the average.Finding the minimal or maximum value, and more for a group of values, record or database. In this informative article, you'll come [...]