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Success Mindset & Productivity Course

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About Course

Putting skills to one side, what else does it take a professional to get career success? Your instructor Sohail will take you through the techniques and strategies he used with the help of his own mentors to become a six-figure professional.

These are not the same rehashed ideas you read everywhere, they are some of the most powerful mindset and productivity strategies you will learn. Our students who have implemented these ideas have achieved major career breakthroughs.

With our success mindset training, you will find multiple ways to increase productivity. Not only this, but you can even boost productivity level with our productivity course. People often tend to figure out ways for how to increase productivity at work, and we have the best answer to this query.

Developing a growth mindset is highly vigorous for boosting the level of productivity because it can help you touch the sky.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Part 1: Success mindset: The goal is to upgrade your ‘operating system’! You will learn a series of powerful techniques, thinking patterns and tools that will change the way you approach life and your career.
  • Part 2: Productivity Improve: Strategies and tactics to improve the ‘You’ business. Once you know these, we will focus on implementing systems and habits that will move you in the right direction in your career.

Course Content

Mindset: Build a better operating system

  • Introduction to Mentor
  • The single MOST important number in your career
  • The worst quality you can have (eliminate immediately)
  • How to use Excel to progress your career
  • Building Confidence
  • You need to do this in everything you do
  • The importance of flirting with the job market
  • Why you need a millionaire mindset to succeed
  • Excel Keyboard Shortcuts are bad for your career
  • Opportunity Cost
  • The Paradox of Choice
  • Your Personal RAID Log
  • Asset Based Thinking
  • Dopamine and Decision Making
  • Why you must place restrictions on your time
  • Consumer Vs. Producer
  • Priming yourself to do great work

Productivity for Professionals

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