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Imagine that you just need a few months of training to land a better job or get promoted to a better position. Sounds good, right? Well, Excel skills can really help you achieve that, and Earn and Excel is one of the best providers for Excel training. With a method that’s created by industry professionals, a support line that’s available 24/7, and a dense and very practical curriculum, Earn and Excel can help you fast-track your career goals. How does our method work?

Clean, Comprehensive, and Concise

Here at Earn and Excel, we like to be straight to the point. We understand how important your time is, and we don’t want to waste any of it. Each piece of information serves a purpose, and our purpose is getting you trained and proficient in using Microsoft Excel as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’re looking to widen your career path and find better working opportunities, Excel can definitely help you out. Here are a few things that Microsoft Excel proficiency can do for you.

Excel Proficiency Will Improve Productivity

By learning Excel, you can speed up your work process by a lot. Some tasks can be done 4 to 5 times faster once you learn what macros and formulas to use. You won’t have to deal input data manually. You won’t have to use calculators, and you can do all computations right on the spreadsheets or across multiple ones. Our Excel course is compact and filled with valuable, genuinely practical information. In just a few sessions, you’ll be able to bring your documents to new levels, being able to handle bigger workloads with more accuracy and confidence.

How can Microsoft Excel Improve Communication?

Imagine noticing an unhealthy pattern in your company’s expenses. What’s the most efficient way of communicating your concerns to your other department heads? Microsoft Excel allows you to create colorful and highly-comprehensive graphs and charts, thereby facilitating communication within the company more efficiently. You’ll also have the necessary skills to compile predictions, eliminating any unhealthy financial behavior that your company might be involved in.

What is VBA and Why Do You Need It?

VBA is Microsoft’s proprietary programming language for the MS Office suite. VBA or Visual Basic for Application allows you to write macros. Macros are basically chains of commands that can be bound to a button or a shortcut. You can have a macro that applies a formula to each F column across every spreadsheet, thus allowing you to further save time. It’s a must if you want to become an industry titan.

Stop wasting time! At Earn and Excel, you’ll find plenty of free resources to get you started on how to improve your MS Excel skills. From macros to formulas and graphs, you’ll find everything that you need to take a leap in your career here from just one place.