We show you how to get the most out of Excel for your work

Our courses are not made by trainers, our courses are designed by professionals with a deep understanding of what challenges exist in the workplace and how Excel can be used to solve them.

The course has been designed by Sohail Anwar (In the video!), a professional (Analyst, Project Manager) with 10+ years of using Excel in big companies. He has seen and done every kind of task involving Excel and has a deep understanding of what challenges exist in the workplace and how Excel can be used to solve them. 

Public London Based Classroom Courses

  • At a Venue in London
  • Small class sizes to keep the training & support high quality
  • Access to our online training and support
  • Electronic Certificate of completion to display on your LinkedIn profile
  • Lunch and beverages

Bespoke Training Delivered At Your Offices

This is where we are a cut above the rest. With our vast experience as consultants, we can work out a specialist curriculum that will have your team upskilled, confident and highly productive. This will really move the needle for your business.

Your Requirements + Our Experience = Transformation!

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Our students come from a diverse range of companies

Our range of public classroom-based Classes

Excel Beginner to Intermediate Course

For beginners and those who haven’t used Excel for a while.

Course length: 1 day (9.15am – 4.30pm)
Location: London, venue details confirmed closer to date

Course Objective
The course will introduce you to Excel and teach you the fundamentals of Analysing and Summarising Data in Excel, by the end of the course we will apply everything we have learned to build a basic but very useful report.

What you will cover in this course

-Familiarity with Excel

Navigating around Excel, Entering Information, navigating without the Mouse, Basic Formatting, Dragging & Autofill, Copy & Paste, clearing cells, Inserting & Deleting, Date Basics, Introduction to Formulas

-Finding Data Basics

Finding information with the VLOOKUP formula, good practice for setting up your data, what can go wrong with the VLOOKUP and how to troubleshoot, advanced scenarios with VLOOKUP

-Basics of dealing with non-numerical Data

Removing duplicate names in a list, separating a name into first name and last name with Text To Columns, How to sort data

-Treating Data with Rules Basics

Using IF formula to do some powerful analysis, using the IFERROR to deal with errors

-Summarising Data Basics

Summing and Counting Data with formulas, quick guide to effective charting (3 best charts, formatting – axis, data points, data labels, layout, adding data after creating chart), Practical page set up and printing


Excel Intermediate to Advanced Course

For those who are comfortable with Excel (Intermediate to reasonably advanced)

Course length: 1 day (9.15am – 4.30pm)
Location: London, venue details confirmed closer to date

Course Objective
The course is focused on significantly increasing your skill level at Analysing and Summarising Data in Excel, by the end of the course we will apply everything we have learned to build a fully functioning Dashboard for reporting purposes.

What you will cover in this course

-Finding Data (Intermediate)

Using the INDEX/MATCH combination which is arguably the most powerful way to find the data you need, Using Data Validation to put useful restrictions on cells and to build drop down lists, Mastering one of Excel’s greatest functions: The Autofilter.

-Dealing with Non-Numerical Data (Intermediate)

Cleansing external text data with CLEAN, Removing extra spaces with TRIM and Fixing capitalisation of words with PROPER. Introduction to text formulas such as LEN, LEFT, RIGHT, MID and SEARCH to so we can do more effective analysis of names in our work.

-Treating Data with Rules (Intermediate)

Nesting IF Formulas for to create various outcomes for data such as project RAG status, Combining IF with VLOOKUP for powerful automated analysis, a powerful technique for automatically updating a ‘top 10’ list with just formulas.

-Summarising Data (Intermediate)

Pivot Tables in 15 minutes, Using Conditional Summarising formulas SUMIF/COUNTIF for quick flexible results, Taking Autofilters to another level with SUBTOTAL, Conditional Formatting introduction and using formulas in conjunction to make the most out of visual automation.


Excel VBA and Macros Course

For those who work with Excel daily and would like to get a lot more done with Excel in less time.

Course length: 1 day (9.15am – 4.30pm)
Location: London, venue details confirmed closer to date

Course Objective
This is a very focused introduction to VBA and Macros by the end of which you will have enough skills to start saving time on everyday tasks you carry out with Excel.

What you will cover in this Training

-Reminder of what Excel is and how VBA benefits us

We begin all our sessions with the question, what Excel is confused for, what Excel really is and how to get the most out of Excel and VBA for your work.

-Sprint Introduction – programming Excel in minutes, regardless of skill level

Controlling cells and ranges, copying and pasting, controlling fonts and colouring cells, how to select multiple lines and clearing and column widths

-Introduction to Automation: Loops and Logic are the foundation

Building Logic with IF and Select Case and when to use each, the importance of Loops for automating our work.

-Using Macros to dramatically speed up your work

Maneuvering and Macros, Constants and Variables (unusually we cover this a lot later than other courses and you will find out why), the MOST important line in VBA you need to know, putting together everything so far to demonstrate Automation.

Macro file formats, Developer tab and Macro Security, Modules, macros and relative references

-Simple approach to dealing with errors

Predictable way to audit and resolve problems, handling errors and sheet issues, why Macros can go wrong and what to do about it.

-Create charts in seconds: Automation you can use at work immediately

A first look at Buttons, Charting driven by Macros, using loops, logic, macro recording and charting to solve a real problem.


Access To Our Powerful Online Excel Training Library and Support

We learned early in our business that transformation takes time. Our one-day courses will have an immediate impact but combined with post-training online learning, the impact is lasting and it’s transformative.

So, our promise to you is that following your training with us, you will get six months access to our online training platform and support from our brilliant team who are keen to help you progress.

How we pick the most important topics to upskill you

With this unique insight from working with Excel in a multitude of companies and sectors, Sohail has developed the proprietary 4:3 approach to using Excel to getting work done effectively and this helps us to teach in a way that will quickly build your confidence levels.

In a nutshell, the 4:3 approach in our Excel Training is:

There are only 3 types of problems that require Excel to solve:

  1. Storing/Managing Data
  2. Analysing Data
  3. Communicating Data

In order to solve those problems, Excel is used in a combination of 4 ways:

  1. Finding Data (such as VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH & CHOOSE)
  2. Dealing with non-numerical Data (like Text functions like LEFT, RIGHT, LEN and SEARCH)
  3. Treating Data with Rules (such as Excel IF STatement and IFERROR)
  4. Summarising Data (i.e. SUMIF, COUNTIF and Pivot Tables)

As a result, we don’t each all the functions of Excel in our classes

We focus on the most important functions, features, and formulas that help you get your work done most productively.

Additionally, Sohail has trained online and in person over 1000 professionals since 2012 and through testing and refining has put together a curriculum that focuses on real-world problem solving, taught in a way that anyone can understand, apply and become significantly more productive. 

Not sure which one of our Courses to go for?

If you are not sure what course to sign up, please get in touch with us and we can guide you on the most suitable course for you or your team

What is the best version of Excel to work with?

Although, each version of Excel gets better, all the version since Excel 2007 onwards are exceptional and can achieve everything you need. We teach Excel 2016 and the newest Excel 365 which is Microsofts subscription-based version of Excel. Our Excel Training won’t leave you in the lurch with an older version if that’s what you use at work, you will always be taught techniques that are backward compatible.

Here’s what some of our students have to say about our Excel Training Courses

A. Saleem

Investment Banking PMO, London

“This course is excellent. The Skills I have developed have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems in an Investment Banking environment. Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professionals. I would highly recommend this course.”


Watch Vas going into detail on how this course helped him land a role as a Supply Chain Analyst for a major corporation


Accountant, Ireland

“As an accountant, I worked with excel all day and have always been interested in getting more out of it. Having become involved with a new start-up business and sold my practice, I decided to do a detailed course in Excel in Dublin – It was very good with good insight into dashboards, index and match use and an intro to VBA. Having been aware of basic macro’s I was not happy with the VBA side of the course as it was left hanging and was of no use to me as the examples were not business related and did not inspire. It was this frustration that led me to your course – I cannot remember how I found it but I took a free trial and thought that you examples were enough to invest given the price-point. I am yet to complete the course but would highly recommend it and have done so already. I have used the material in real life, especially the use of text functions. I have also used code having got some familiarity with”


Analyst in Banking, UK

“I can honestly say that your Excel course was the best investment I have made in my career. From learning a few advanced techniques and applying them where needed I have added a great weapon to my arsenal with regards to getting new contracts. In the 2 years since I purchased your course my income has increased 92% and with more experience, it is only going to jump up even higher! Thanks for the help and support and I wish you well!”


Consultant, UK

“Even in the preliminary module, I still found little tips that I didn’t know about – I knew this was the right course for me, and settled in for the ride.100% recommended – as your promotional material says, this is a no-brainer for every PMO (but don’t tell too many people, or I’ll lose my advantage!!)”


Accountant, London

“Completed up to the PowerPoint chapters on the VBA course – I wanted to fully get my head around VBA in Excel before I move onto PowerPoint (hopefully soon). Again, really good stuff, it’s so great having a tangible tool like VBA to open doors for me. Once again, thanks so much mate.”

Excel Training London

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