The Excel Skills & Career Strategy That Took Me From a £27K to £100K Salary &

What This Means For You


What you'll discover in this online Masterclass:

  • The ONLY way to progress your Excel Skills if you want a highly prestigious and lucrative career. All other ways will leave you on the hamster wheel of mediocrity.
  • The MOST important Excel skill to build to bullet proof your career for the next 10-15 years, this will make you recession proof and layoff proof. Yes, that's a bold claim but we make it because we understand the economics and behaviors of businesses and how they decide who stays and who goes
  • How we use a fundamental principle discovered by an Italian economist to do less work and get more reward (We don't advocate doing less work, it's what we do with our saved time that makes all the difference)
  • The incredibly simple Formula I learned from my mentors that guarantees career progression
  • Why 90% of highly competent, highly capable professionals get stuck in their career and the system we use to avoid that trap and get unstuck
  • The THREE components of a high paying job that you need to obsessively work on. This guaranteed me consistent six figure income
  • The exact career strategy I learned from my mentors that got me high paying roles in the best global companies …they don't even teach this in MBAs
  • Why very few people discuss Excel skills in the context of career progression like I do and why should stop listening to them immediately if you want significant career success
  • Why overcomplicating your Excel work will leave you in the same spot for years until you retire with regret. You will learn for free in this masterclass how to not let that happen
  • Why spending months and years learning 'lots' of Excel skills like most courses and books teach is dead WRONG for serious professionals…Instead, how I got massive results by learning just a few Excel skills, but going deep in them
  • And a lot more...



Sohail Anwar has worked for the world’s best global companies (Banking, Finance, Government) as an Analyst & Project Manager. He mastered Excel skills on route to climbing the ranks. Since 2015 he has taught over 2000 people online and in person on the best use of Excel, Business Intelligence, Project Management and the art of Career Progression.

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