Excel VBA Course

‘If you are working in Excel on a daily basis, then we will teach you VBA and Macros skills that will help you win back at least half of your precious time’


About the course

If you are regularly producing the same reports, doing the same data analysis and other repetitive work week after week in Excel then we will show you how to get off the hamster wheel of repetitive work, so you can focus on adding real value to your company.

This is the only Excel VBA and Macros course on the market purpose-built to teach Excel VBA and Macros skills to corporate professionals including Analysts, Accountants, Controllers, PMO’s, Project Managers, Management Consultants, And Other Corporate Professionals.

If that includes you then keep reading and see how this course has changed the lives of our students (Yes, you read that correctly, this Excel VBA and Macros course is changing lives!)

What you will learn

Our approach to teaching is firmly rooted in the human psychology of quick wins so we have you programming in the first few minutes. Just like each and every one of our students, you will gain massive confidence in your VBA skills right from the start.

  • VBA and Macros Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Automation with loops and logic
  • Automating Charts, Filters, and Formulas to speed up your workflow
  • Automating an entire weekly/monthly reporting process
  • The power of automating PowerPoint and Word
  • The power of automating PowerPoint and Word

We have had students automating aspects of their work the day after starting! And whilst individual results vary, most of our students develop enough skills to begin saving tremendous amounts of time at work within a few short weeks.

What you get in this Training Course

  • 15 hours of training split across 74 Video Lessons
  • 12 months of support from Excel experts via e-mails, discussions and VIDEO RESPONSES!
  • 45 minutes of Skype time with an experienced professional to answer any Excel questions
  • Compatible with Excel Office 365, Excel 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007
  • Download videos to your device and watch offline
  • Excel files with exercises that help you to learn the lessons with ease
  • Track your progress and take your own notes
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Get a certificate of completion that you can display on Linkedin

Course Content

1. Cells and Ranges3.17
2. Copy And Paste2.31
3. Controlling Fonts And Colouring Cells4.36
4. Multiple Lines, Clearing And Column Widths6.53
5. Building Logic With If4.22
6. Building Logic With Select Case6.42
7. The Importance Of Loops7.52
8. Introduction To Automation6.25
9. Loops And Selecting Ranges2.57
10. Maneuvering And Macros5.11
11. Constants And Variables2.42
12. The Most Important Line In VBA You Need To Know!5.24
13. Putting Together Everything So Far To Demonstrate Automation16.18
1. Macro File Formats3.11
2. Developer Tab And Macro Security3.49
3. Modules, Macros And Relative References9.49
4. A First Look At Buttons4.12
5. Charting Driven By Macros10.08
6. Why Macros Can Go Wrong And What To Do About It5.58
7. Handling Errors And Sheet Issues12.38
8. Dynamic Charting: Part 116.35
9. Dynamic Charting: Part 213.14
10. Dynamic Charting: Part 39.01
11. End With7.49
12. Controlling Autofilters20.2
13. Controlling Formulas14.45
1. 5 Levels Of Looping Part 15.36
2. 5 Levels Of Looping Part 25.26
3. 5 Levels Of Looping Part 313.07
4. 5 Levels Of Looping Part 420.11
5. 5 Levels Of Looping Part 519.16
6. VBA Alternative: Gathering Data With Power Query13.48
1. Introduction17.18
2. Creating An Input Sheet Template22.45
3. Mass Producing Input Sheets 1: Set The Scene6.54
4. Mass Producing Input Sheets 2: Worksheet Variables5.12
5. Mass Producing Input Sheets 3: Autofilter Revisited And Paste special15.25
6. Mass Producing Input Sheets 4: Manipulating Filter Criteria10.40
7. Mass Producing Input Sheets 5 Creating A Unique List To Prepare For Looping6.34
8. Mass Producing Input Sheets 6 Instantly Creating 25 Unique Input Excel Files9.05
1.  Starting The New Process5.45
2.  Open Up One File And Copy Data17.05
3. Introduction To The Do While Loop6.03
4.  Looping Through All Files In A Folder And Copying Data17.22
5.  Setting Up New Data Before We Bring Into Our Long Boring List11.41
6.  Looking Up Latest Data Manually Into Our Long Boring List4.12
7.  Looking Up Latest Data Automatically Into Our Long Boring List13.00
8.  Putting It All Together6.20
1. Why PowerPoint?4.31
2. Introduction to the Object Model7.38
3. Programming in PowerPoint 1: Basics8.12
4. Programming in PowerPoint 1: Shapes14.22
5. Programming in PowerPoint 1: Tables14.19
6. Opening PowerPoint from Excel9.57
7. Pasting an Excel range as an Image in PowerPoint8.58
8. Translating Excel data into a table in PowerPoint 15.48
9. Translating Excel data into a table in PowerPoint 2: Multiple Slides22.51
10. Drawing Shapes in Excel19.16
11. Translating Excel data into Shapes in PowerPoint19.57
1. Introduction and Creating an MS Word Invoice from Excel27.06
2. Gathering Data from MS Word docs in to Excel (Change Control Form)32.38
3. Purchase order system: part 1 – excel to word18.45
4. Purchase order system: part 2 – the word template27.47
5. Purchase order system: part 3 – save & print button42.37
6. Purchase order system: part 4 – excel to word32.51
1. Resource Analysis: Good practice for managing data15.25
2. Dynamic Charts15.36
3. Charting Actual vs Forecast7.33
4. Segmenting for deeper MI6.41
5. Meaningful Resource Analysis8.55
6. Interesting MI Aesthetics, automating folders and PDF files21.02
7. Automate the creation of a PowerPoint slide deck12.22
8. Combining PowerPoint with Information Gathering10.35
9. Automating the production of a Project Summary front page in PowerPoint18.05

Here is a sample introductory VBA lesson to get started