Frequently Asked Questions

I (Sohail) designed and delivered this course. I did zero research to create this course because I have well over a decade of experience of using Excel/VBA in global companies. I’ve has seen and done it all with Excel and have been promoted as a result of my skills numerous times. Beyond that, I’ve taught Excel to over 1000 professionals and colleagues of mine, most of whom have made great strides in their careers as a result. We have lots of  to attest to that. Most importantly I use my experience to get you to focus on the best topics with powerful examples, which will improve the way you work very quickly and ensure that you don’t concern yourself with topics that just don’t add as much value.

As a minimum I recommend students spend around 3 to 5 hours a week or 30 minutes a day to keep momentum going. But there are lots of short lessons, so you can fit in a few here and there on your commute, as you queue up for coffee etc.

No worries, the start and finish is all down to you. We will stay in touch by email to occasionally remind you but we get it, life gets in the way and the great thing is the platform tracks where you last finished and how much you have completed so far, so it’s easy to pick up again.

I love talking about support, its where we shine since our company values are all rooted in student success! We are professionals so we give the most pragmatic and practical advice knowing how your Excel skills/work/analysis will impact your team and company. You can ask us via the learning platform, e-mail us directly and we can arrange some skype/phone time (it’s part of your package).

We are most famous for our video responses to students! If you are working on something challenging, get in touch and we will make a video to really get you unstuck. We find video is the best medium for teaching Excel skills and so it’s a huge part of our support.
However this is not just support it goes in to the realm of consulting since most of our video support for actual excel files/analysis/dashboards that students are working on!

Yes, the purchase entitles you to download and keep the videos and worksheets for life, however this is available after 30 days or if you want it earlier than it will invalidate your right for a refund, so please ensure you are happy the training is for you before you request access to downloads.

Yes, we do, we will dust it off if you need it because it rarely happens! You have 30 days to let us know that the course isn’t right for you and we will happily refund. Note, as per the above once you download the material, refunding is invalidated thereafter.

Yes, this is quite common since we focus on helping actual corporate employees. However, this needs to be done with a corporate credit/debit card. We don’t accept transfer/remittances.

Yes, we do this for companies or small groups of people, please get in touch at letting us know how many people you are looking to train and we will get you sorted.

Yes, we do and it can be displayed on LinkedIn. But know this, a certificate is not nearly as useful as your ability to effectively discuss your Excel skills on your CV/Resume and in an interview. We do have another course on that. In fact, here’s what we’ll do, if you sign up to this course and forward your receipt to us, requesting our ‘Excel Your Career: CV’s/Interviews, we will give you free access to that powerful training!

For the right people Pivot Tables should not be ignored
From my 15+ years of using Excel in major organisations, my rule of thumb is that if you are regularly working with mid-sized data sets (more than 5000 rows x 15-20 columns) then you should strongly consider Pivot Tables to summarise your data.

If you are a casual user of Excel then no. But if you are a more serious data user or aspire to be such as an analyst (Data Analyst, MI Analyst), a Business Intelligence Developer/Analyst/Consultant, data science professional or any other professional like an Accountant, PMO, Marketer who deals with lots of messy data then Power Query can be a game changer and can achieve a lot without resorting to VBA. It can save you so much time and make the process of analysis and reporting seamless.
If you are getting data from various sources such as databases, Azure, SharePoint, the web, Facebook, Sales force etc, then Power Query makes this incredibly easy!