What you will learn?

  • Excel skills starting from beginner
  • Excel Formulas: VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIFS & More
  • Introduction to Excel VBA
  • Pivot Tables
  • Advanced Data: Power Query & PowerPivot
  • Career Insights, Mindset & Productivity
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Microsoft Excel Online Training Courses for Beginners & Professionals

Are you looking to advance your carrier and or enhance your resume with new high demand skills? At EarnAndExcel.Com we not only offer Microsoft Excel training for professionals accountants, analysts, PMO’s, project managers and management consultants but also to beginners. Despite what others may tell you Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application I the world. Even though Microsoft Excel is a premium software, Free versions of it such as Google Sheets and OpenOffice have failed to attract users. For one simple reason, these alternatives to Microsoft Excel are okay for doing elementary school, but when it comes to business applications, they don’t work. If you would like to learn how to use all the advanced features of Microsoft Excel our practical and information-packed training course will teach you how to all of Microsoft Excel’s functions and capabilities. Our Excel tutorials and courses are broken down into different skill levels. Our structure classes are designed to help you use Microsoft Excel to analyze data of any type. These online training courses are not just about creating spreadsheets but rather performing advanced data analysis with functions, formulas, macros, charts, and more. Unlock the maximum potential of Microsoft Excel with Earn and Excel’s online training classes.

Excel Classes

Over 1000 professionals have gone through our online Excel Classes and have solved major problems at work; saved hours of time through increased productivity, built highly praised Excel dashboards and reports and have won promotions and new jobs. Learn Excel with us and become a success story.

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Excel Courses

Our Excel Courses and Tutorials cover Excel for beginners all the way to more advanced Excel training and eventually VBA and macros. By cutting through the unnecessary generic Excel advice dispensed by the so-called Excel experts, we will show you how to use Excel in the most effective way possible.

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Excel Training

Our Microsoft Excel Training is focused on helping corporate professionals like analysts, accountants, controllers, project managers, management consultants, PMO’s etc. to improve their Excel skills If you undertake any Excel training with us we will make a strong commitment to supporting you till you improve.

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Excel – Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials

Are you looking to improve your Excel skills? Perhaps you have been trying to understand which Excel formulas are worth learning? Maybe you have been searching for yet another PivotTable tutorial? Or tried to understand what the best Excel chart is to make your current report more effective? In fact, you may have tried books, search engines or even resorted to bribing Dave, the office ‘Techie’ with a coffee for some much-needed Excel guidance. And yet you are still only comfortable with the Excel basics or can randomly tackle something a bit more advanced. We want to help you change that with the help of our Excel classes. When we started Earn and Excel, we decided to set a lofty goal for ourselves: to create the best online Excel training for corporate professionals. We don’t just want to teach you random Excel tips and tricks, with our experience we want to show you how to truly leverage Microsoft Excel to become highly productive and insightful for your company.

We do things very differently because we tap into the vast experience of our course instructor’s career. Our instructor, Sohail Anwar has worked in the financial services as a consultant analyst and project manager in some of the biggest global businesses for the last 12+ years. He credits the improvement in his Excel and VBA skills as being the biggest factor in going from junior to senior roles in a short time frame. From tackling every kind of problem that all corporate professionals face, Sohail spotted a pattern in the way Excel needed to be used at work. This lead to Sohail’s 4:3 Excel problem-solving strategy. That is there are only 3 types of problems and to solve them we need to use Excel in a combination of 4 possible ways.

This forms the basis of our Excel lessons as well as that way we teach VBA lessons and macros. Because of this experience we are able to ignore so many unnecessary functions and formulas that Excel has to offer. In fact, Sohail has seen that 80% of Excel’s functions are unnecessary and in true 80:20 fashion we focus very deeply on the most useful 20%. Annoyingly Excel keeps adding more and more functions with every new version but most of them are pointless for professionals and it just adds to the overwhelm of learning Excel. We will eradicate that overwhelm and bring clarity to your Excel training.

We help professionals, with real projects, deadlines, social lives and family obligations and without the necessary support, we have found it’s just a matter of time before you run out of either the time or motivation to continue. This is a real shame as improved Excel skills will give you leaps in productivity and help you become indispensable to your company as you get a reputation for providing great analysis and reporting. So over the last few years, while we haven’t changed the structure and topics that we teach in our Excel lessons because they are tried, tested and proven, we have evolved the support that we give our students. By spending a lot of time with our students we have found that after the right topics delivered in a proven structure, it is strong support and guidance that truly transforms a student’s ability and motivation to go from Excel basics all the way to attaining advanced Excel skills. Our unique approach to support will feel like you are right there in the Excel school with us! Take a look around, get in touch via our contact page and sign up for a course and we will begin to help transform your Excel skills today.

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