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If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably realized that being proficient in using Microsoft Excel can really help you in your career. It’s estimated that between 70% and 80% of businesses use MS Excel as their primary number crunching tool. These statistics immediately point to the fact that Excel skills are very sought-after. These very skills can help you land a great job or a promotion in your field. If you’re used to working with numbers, then improving on your general MS Office skills is a must.

Every Number Cruncher Needs Excel

If you feel that you’re not advancing in your career at a satisfying pace, then learning Excel can definitely help you get that much-needed boost in productivity to make you stand out in a crowd of office drones. There are a lot of industries that rely on Excel for processing and logging data, which makes it a very useful tool to have in the corporate world.

Microsoft Excel is the software used to create spreadsheets. It’s a program where users log text and numerical values. It also supports formulas and macros. Formulas are used to calculate, meaning that you can use these formulas to modify the data you input in the cells. Macros allow you to alter how these formulas interact with different cells, allowing you to change entire rows and columns with a few clicks. This will make you an efficient worker who produces accurate output because you eliminate a lot of the human factor from your spreadsheets.

In a nutshell, learning Excel will help you save a lot of time while allowing you to work with data on a much higher volume. This will make you a valuable asset to any company, especially companies that are active in finance, energy, and analysis.

It Improves In-house Communication

Instead of having to show someone in another department your cluttered spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel allows you to put the information in an easy-to-read graph or chart. If you’re trying to communicate something, Excel really helps you pass the message in a much more comprehensive and friendly manner. It’s also very useful for analysis and predicting, so a skilled Excel user can help identify unsustainable expenses and eliminate them.

Our Statement

At Earn and Excel, we believe that productivity is the key to success. How do we help you be more productive? Simple. Our industry-experts have learned that you can take advantage of Excel’s entire feature set by using only 27 formulas. That’s it. What’s more productive: learning an entire user manual from cover to cover or memorizing and learning how to apply a total of 27 formulas?

With a support team that’s here 24/7 to answer every one of your questions and provide you a lot of digital resources that are organized in the most efficient and comprehensive structure, we guarantee that you’ll go from a complete rookie to a power user in no time. Learn Excel from the best and breathe new life into your spreadsheets.