Hello in this session we're going to look at combination charts. Firstly, click on the data and using altif1. We create a quick chart resize this chart and now  double click on the chart. We can see over to the right the formatting area, what we can do if we hover up towards the top of this area .We can actually make this float and bring it over to the chart makes it a bit easier to use second bit of functionality. We can see the chart title is fairly meaningless it's not actually picked up anything, what we can do.

How To Composite Charts In Excel 1

the formula bar

How To Composite Charts In Excel? if we go up to the formula bar and click in there and we can type equals and we can point to any cell. We want we can't combine cells, it has to be one cell and now click on the cell b3 and okay the chart title is now dynamically linked to cell b3 anytime. We change cell b3 the dynamic title will change. If we want to emphasize sales 19 over cells 18 we could use a combination chart now. The easiest way to create a combination chart is probably just to click on one of these data series and then right click and we'll see here change series chart type.

How To Composite Charts In Excel 2

How To Composite Charts In Excel

Clicking on that brings up the menu at the bottom and this is a combo chart alternatively we can just go to change chart type and click on combo chart we could make sales 18 into a dotted line. Click ok if we'd like to further de-emphasize sales 18 over sales 19. We could click on the sales 18 series we could then go to no line. Now we just have a dot. So, we can see what the previous year's sales were but it's not overshadowing the current year sales. It's clear which one we're really looking at and it's just there as a comparator. It may be that we want to change the marker from a dot to something else.

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How To Composite Charts In Excel 3 (2)

How To Composite Charts In Excel Use marker options

How To Composite Charts In Excel ? If we go into marker and we go to marker options. We can see that we have various options. If we click on built in we can maybe change that to a triangle and perhaps, we will want to change the color from orange to yellow. If i click away we can see that, we have a yellow triangle with an orange outline another piece of functionality to mention. If we select the data right click and change series chart type, we then bring up the combo box options and over to the right. 

secondary axis

 We have the option to click on secondary axis if we put sales 18 on the secondary axis. Click ok we can now see that we have a different axis over the right hand side and the scaling is different. This can be quite useful but you just need to be a little bit careful that, the user doesn't get confused by having a different scale on the right hand side from the left hand side thank you.