How we can use the flags within our email. We are here on our pop email, and we're going to use the flag option. So when we, however, we select an email, and we, however, can see that. There is a flag appearing here. Now, we could simply click on it. Simply clicking on it by default. The task will be set on today's date. We're going to see by that what I mean, so let's check, and we are going to go down to the task. Even just by hovering, we can see that today there is something, and in this case, it's just accepting the monthly meeting. Just as an example. So if we click on the task, we can see today accepted the monthly meeting.

How To Flag Emails In Outlook 1
How To Flag Emails In Outlook 2

But normally, it will be more reminders or things that we have to follow up on, and we can even prioritize our tasks. We have different options here, so overdue would be. Once we have something overdue, we have the to-do list is the flag's priority in the next seven days. Just change the colors will be sometime next week today. We can put a specific when we click on it we can see that. We can create a new one today really many different options. We can do it here. But let's go back to our email here.

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How To Flag Emails In Outlook 4

For Example

we just do it to say, I can't forget I need to cut to get back to this person to this email. We just use it as a quick flag click know it's for today. Once we have done what we need it to do. We just click on it again, and we get the green tick, get rid of the flag altogether. The tick by right click on it and say clear flag. But let's see what they look like. When we add a few flags by default will be today. So, if we however it's right-clicking here, we can see that today is highlighted.

How To Flag Emails In Outlook 5

How To Flag Emails In Outlook? This will be today, and then we're going to put this  Example: let's see a follow-up for tomorrow, and we're going to say that this one is not actually completed. Because we will see that these are crossed out. They are Completed, so we're going to say that it's not completed. We change the status next week. We are going to check what this looks like now within our task option here. So, we click on the task button, we can see we have a preview, expand, and collapse. So, when we click on the little arrow dropdown. We have the first line showing here, and we can even add a tag here.

How To Flag Emails In Outlook 6

For Example

we right-click, and we right-click, and we can add a category. So, we target the category but let's go into the tasks here. We click on tasks open the page, and we can see that automatically. We are on today by default today, and if we go on to the expand here button within the current view like we just have done. We can see that we have options, and we can also say the next seven days we're going to say the next seven days. We have this one here that says important that has been tagged with the important category early on. Then we have this one, and it shows the due date on the 14th.

How To Flag Emails In Outlook Manage Task Reminder

We can see all the tasks reminder and tasks that we have, and we can manage them from here. For Example, I have been dealing with this one, and I'm just going to say that it is completed. We can also get rid of them, we can select them, and we're going to delete them. We clear the list that we have here. The dialog box for Microsoft outlook that asks for deleting this item will also delete the email message. Do you want to continue, and we can choose not to show the message again in the future? We can just say no cancel because we don't want this to happen. In this case, we're going to say okay and are going to go into tasks. Now we go to tasks, and we have this display here go into a view, and we can see in the view.

How To Flag Emails In Outlook Also Explore Different Options

For Example: here to do bar we have different options as well so we can say For Example off we can say calendar and appear just where the email is people we can add anything we want, can minimize from the cross here just get rid of it again and then we have the fold pane normal minimize off. So, these are different views for the folders on the left-hand side then we have more options. If we go into options. Then we have the reading pane. In this case, the reading pane could be off. For Example: Like we have just the tasks displaying so, it's really a question of choice. And how we like to manage the view of our tasks as similar to the email. Here we go how we would do with the tasks, and now we're going to jump into how to create a task.