There could be instances when you need to copy the information of 1 cell to many different cells in your Spreadsheet. You could copy and paste the information into each cell, but this approach would be time-consuming.

But, Excel is superb software to eliminate these. There's you should not use supplements and eliminates handbook repetitiveness, saving you valuable time along the way!
Flash Fill in Excel is really a new function which was presented in Microsoft Excel 2013.  It is a smart feature that attempts to identify patterns centered on your data access and does that for you. It could make your life easier when you yourself have to control values in a cell.

It helps enter information quickly into your spreadsheet, saving you time and effort. Some easy types of applying Thumb Load could possibly be to obtain the first name from the entire name, structure telephone numbers, etc. In this short article, you will have the ability to learn how to use Flash Fill in Excel.

Steps to Activate the Flash Fill in Excel:


  If the Flash Fill does not work automatically, you need to activate it using these simple steps:

  • Click the File Tab, select Options.

  • Then from the new window opened, select the Advanced options from the navigation pane. And checkbox the Automatically Flash Fill and click OK.  

  (In short, Files > options > Advanced > Automatically Flash Fill > OK).

  Steps for joining Data using Flash Fill


1. Initially, enter the specified information into your spreadsheet.  For example, I used First Name in     Column D and the Last Name in Column E.  Here I have to join the data from both the columns in      next column F as Email-- using Flash Fill features in the Excel.

2. Next, you'll need to tell Excel what you need to do by entering a correct current email address in        cell F3. Here in that adjacent cell (next to E3), I've entered in           column F.

3. Select the cell F4 for flash fill (in this case).  Then on the Data tab, click Flash Fill and Excel               Flash Fill would automatically fill all the cells and you’ll get the following output as in the                      screenshot.

How To Flash Fill In Excel 1

Recommendations: If Flash Fill is turned on but doesn't start quickly whenever you type data that suits a structure, you can try starting it physically by clicking Data> Flash Fill, or by pressing Ctrl+E.

Extract Data using Flash Fill


In addition, you may use Flash Fill to extract the numbers. 

1. For example, open the spreadsheet for data entry using flash fill features. Here I've code in column D and I do want to extract the place in Column E.

2. In the beginning, tell Excel what you want to do by entering the first cell value “brj” into cell E3. Please check out the screenshot below:

How To Flash Fill In Excel 2

3. Select the cell E4 for flash fill (in this case).  Then on the Data tab, click Flash Fill and Excel Flash Fill would automatically fill all the cells and you’ll get the following output as in the screenshot.

Formatting Phone Numbers Using Flash Fill


Also, use Flash Fill to format the given phone numbers, Here is an example to concatenate the telephone number with the hyphen (-) to ensure it is easily readable. Please try.

Separating First Name and Last Name Using Flash Fill


Here you've a set of full names in column E, and you can separate the information in this specific column into two individual columns as First Name and Last Name using Flash Fill. Please read the example as below: