Freezing Rows in Excel in 3 easy steps

It keeps the row visible while you scroll through the rest of the sheet. It is very useful when working with a lot of data. Excel now allows more than a million rows and over 15,000 columns so needless to say workbooks can become extremely large and difficult to navigate.

The ability to freeze the row will prevent having to scroll up and down repeatedly to view the column titles of the data or similarly freezing a column will prevent the constant sliding back and forth horizontally.

How To Freeze Row In Excel 1

Under the VIEW tab on the top menu bar select FREEZE PANES and you will see three options for freezing sections of data.

Freeze Panes is the first option. This allows you to keep several rows frozen while you navigate through the rest of the data. Highly useful when there are more categories or subcategories in the header rows. 

How To Freeze Row In Excel A simple example

This type of data would have “Address” in Row 1 merged across several cells and Row 2 would have “Street Address”, “City”, “State”, etc. underneath the “Address” Category. You could freeze both Row 1 and 2 to keep all headers visible.

How To do this?

1. Select the Row beneath the rows you would like to freeze by clicking on the row number to the          left of each row. For the Address example, we would click in Row 3 because we want to view            Rows 1 and 2.

2. Under the VIEW tab select FREEZE PANES

3. Select FREEZE PANES again. A gray line will appear to show what rows will be frozen in place.

The second option

For Freezing rows of data is to Freeze the First Row. This will freeze only the first row of the workbook to keep it visible as you scroll through the data. Most useful when the data only has one header in the top row. You do not need to select the first row to freeze it you simply follow steps 2 from above and select FREEZE TOP ROW.

If at any time you wish to unfreeze the rows you return to the VIEW tab and select UNFREEZE ROWS. The gray line will disappear and frozen rows will no longer stay visible as you scroll vertically through the workbook.

How To Freeze Row In Excel Columns may also be frozen by following the same steps

As above but choosing the column instead of the row and selecting FREEZE PANE which will allow you to scroll Horizontally through the workbook and keep the columns to the left of the gray indicator line frozen in place. The third option is to FREEZE the FIRST COLUMN which is exactly like freezing the first row.

Be cautious when locking several rows at once as some may become hidden and you won’t be able to see those cells later as you are scrolling. To resolve this issue, make absolute sure that any rows you are attempting to lock are visible when you select the FREEZE PANES option.

 Other view option that Excel offers are opening a new window to view your workbook or to split the workbook to view several sections at a time