In This Session we are quite simply looking for a character or a string of characters within some text. We then return the position of that character or that string of characters in cell h4. The corresponding range. Enter the formula equals search and find text. So, to look for the text a and to look for that text in B4.
How To Use The Excel Search Function 1

To Fix Value Errors

How To Use The Excel Search Function? To ignore the start number and hit Ctrl Enter, as we can see with this formula there's a lot of value errors that have come up. To talk about errors shortly but it just means that if the function can't find what it's looking for it returns. This value error now .So, that we can make this function dynamic to change the a to a cell reference which is going to be C19.

How To Use The Excel Search Function 2

The fine text parameter F4 to make that absolute control enter. As we have not got anything in the cell C19. It's treating that as a wild card. It's returning one for every cell but if we change this back to the a we'll see that, restores the output of the formula. We can also use numbers in the parameter.

How To Use The Excel Search Function possibility to use wild cards

So, i could type in the number 1 and we would see that some of the numbers where one is present return position for that character in addition.There's the possibility to use wild cards so for example question mark as a placeholder and then l would return any string of text which contains any character followed by an l Ctrl Enter and we can see the cells where this occurs thank you.