We are going to know about how to perform a process validation and what it is all about. So, it is very Handy, and it is worth doing when we have big charts, etc. So that we make sure that nothing is missing. We can see that for the purpose of this session. We have some shapes that don't have any data inserted no text. Some are finishing this is a process shape that is finishing with no connector following. Then we have a triangular shape here. Now once we are in the process tab and we go to the process tab. We can see that we have the diagram validation group and the check diagram command. If we click on the bottom, we can see that we have check diagram rules to check flowchart and import rules.

How To Validate In Ms Visio In 2019 1

How to Validate in Ms Visio In 2019? When we hover on the import rule, we have this sub-menu that tells us where we want to insert the rules most of the time. It will be from the flowchart rule set, but it could from bpm. So bear in mind that the first time that we run a validation. We will be asked to import the rules. In this case, we have imported the flowchart rules, and now to go and check the diagram. We can see that the issues window isn't ticked. We're just going to click if we click the top-part it will do a check diagram automatically. But we can go also to the bottom part and check the diagram here. Now we can see that the automatically issues window is now ticked, and we have it displayed here.

How To Validate In Ms Visio In 2019 & Resize The Shapes

Now we can resize this a little bit if we so wish it is not big. So we can do that and see more of our chart at the top here. and see that. For Example, We have a connected shape that is not recognized as a flowchart Shape. Now let's see what that is by selecting it. We can see it is highlighted and we have the shape now selected reason, why it's that this is a basic shape that we have taken, is not from the flow chart stem cells. It is actually just a basic shape. We could build diagrams etc. But it's not part of the process that we have. We could decide to eventually keep it selected.

How To Validate In Ms Visio In 2019 2
How To Validate In Ms Visio In 2019 3

Hit the Delete key, and the triangle will be gone. Now we can see that we still have it here on the list and the reason why. Because we have to click again on the check diagram, which will refresh the status and show that now it is gone. Now we have a flowchart that does not end with a start and the shape. So when we click here and check our chart we don't have any shape selected. Because there is no start and shape. We can see that the last shape eventually is either this process or this one here that doesn't have a following connector that connects to another shape. Now we can resolve that.

For Example:

By removing this and inserting a shape, we're going to check if we have our flowchart shapes here. We have basic decorative shapes graphs go to more shapes, and then go to a flowchart and get the sub-menu. See which ones we need to do, we need the basic flowchart Shapes and deselect. We're going to insert a start end, so we insert the start end. To insert here. We can delete this process here, so delete, and this way we now have a start and not get another error message. Otherwise, it will be saying that we don't have anything written in it. We double click, and we're going to say and escape.

Add A Connector
Now we're going to click on the check diagram. This is now gone all we have left is a flowchart shape has no outgoing connectors and is not a start  which is this one. Now we could change that and add a connector that will go to another shape and we could also get rid of it of course and future shape has no text which would be this one. All we will have to do is to insert some text so extremely useful to perform a process validation. Because when we have big charts and diagrams it is  extremely important to make sure that it is spot on. This is the way to make sure that we are all fine with our charts you. This is How To Validate In Ms Visio In 2019.