Excel and VBA Online Training Course

‘We will hold your hand and teach you to use Excel to carry out analysis and reporting with ease, then we will show you how to regain 50% of your time spent in Excel with VBA and Macros skills… Almost Overnight’

You may be limiting your career potential with a lack of Excel skills. We have developed the only course on the market which will teach you to end Excel skills, so you can confidently tackle all your analysis and reporting, then will teach you the ccareer-altering skill of automation with VBA and Macros.

No other comprehensive Online Excel and VBA Course exists that solely aims to upskill corporate professionals including analysts, accountants, controllers, pmo’s, project managers, management consultants and other corporate professionals. If that includes you then keep reading and see how this course has changed the lives of our students (Yes, you read that correctly, this Excel and VBA course is changing lives!)

How you will get an unrivalled Excel Training Experience

Our goal is simple, we want to transform your Excel and VBA skills. So far, we have done this for over 1000 professionals, here’s how we have done it:

1. Will take you from beginner to advanced Excel skills with our proprietary 4:3 framework

We don’t teach you Excel the way other courses do. Our course has been created by professionals who have spent decades solving hundreds of Excel related problems in dozens of global companies

From solving hundreds of Excel problems, we have seen that every business scenario needing Excel can be boiled down to three types problems and there are four possible ways to solve them aka the 4:3 Excel framework.

The three types of Excel problems are:

Storing or tracking data: Such as financial data like journal entries, accounting data like accruals, project data such as milestones or status updates, employee data, timesheets, holiday tracking, etc

Data Analysis: whether ad-hoc analysis or building models for ongoing analysis. Think profit and loss analysis, project timeline analysis, variance analysis, resource forecasting, staff rotas, etc

Providing data insights: Building tables, reports and dashboards is the biggest opportunity you must make your mark with various audiences and there is no room for error.

There are four approaches that will solve these problems

Finding specific information: We want to extract and pinpoint the exact information we need from lists of data

Manipulate text data: With so much data at work being text-based such as product codes, employee data, project information, the importance of handling text data cannot be stated enough

Effective data summary: Many people think summary simply means charts and tables, it’s so much more than that. Data summary begins as analysis ends and knowing when to use the right technique at the right time is crucial to producing effective outputs

Providing data insights: Building tables, reports and dashboards is the biggest opportunity you must make your mark with various audiences and there is no room for error.

It’s within this framework that we will teach you the best way to use formulas, charts, conditional formatting, pivot tables, shortcuts and other functions.

No longer will you be scrambling for random tips, ninja tricks, and shortcuts. You can say goodbye to googling for answers to Excel questions after everyone else has gone home because your report is due in the morning.

2. We take a psychological approach to teaching you Excel VBA and Macros skills

We don’t teach you Excel VBA skills the way other courses do. Our approach to teaching is firmly rooted in the human psychology of quick wins so we have you programming in the first few minutes. Just like each and every one of our students, you will gain massive confidence in your VBA skills right from the start.

By avoiding all the unnecessary jargon and functionality that other courses start with, we get straight to the point and keep your momentum going.

We have had students automating aspects of their work the day after starting! And whilst individual results vary, most of our students develop enough skills to begin saving tremendous amounts of time at work within a few short weeks.

3. You will get unrivalled levels of support and guidance throughout this Excel and VBA Training course

Where most courses let you down is precisely where we shine. Our support is truly world class because all of our support staff have all previously worked in global companies, they are not trainers by profession so the guidance and advice is the most highly qualified professional advice.

This is very important because Excel, VBA, and Macros can be quite daunting and poor teaching and advice can make things more complex than they need to be. If it gets too complex, then it’s only a matter of time before you will find yourself procrastinating and back to treading water at work.

Discussions, emails and video responses to your Excel Course questions

We support you with written and video responses. Yes. If we feel a written response doesn’t do you justice, we will create a video just for you! But regardless of the format, you can be rest assured knowing that the advice will not be fluffy or vague, it will always be in the context of solving business problems with Excel. So not only will your Excel skills improve but you will become a more effective professional in the process.

Skype guidance

Beyond what we teach, if you want hands-on guidance on Excel VBA and Macros related work problems like a challenging report, troublesome analysis or anything else then we offer all our students lots of one on one skype support throughout the duration of the training.

Who is behind this Excel and VBA Training course?

Our Excel VBA and Macros Course Instructor, Sohail Anwar, is a Londoner who has spent over 12 years working on major projects in global investment banks going from junior to senior roles in the process. Strong Excel skills played a huge role in helping Sohail get promoted along the way.

Our Excel Course Manager Sheila McLean, originally from Glasgow, Scotland has spent over 15 years working on major projects in global companies in Banking, Energy and Retail. As a PMO she has extensive experience of using Excel for project management.

Some of the companies our students have worked at

Some words from our students

“I applied many of the skills I learnt through your excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a huge help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills!” – Kiran, Financial Analyst, Canada

I can honestly say that your Excel course was the best investment I have made in my career. From learning a few advanced techniques and applying them where needed I have added a great weapon to my arsenal with regards to getting new contracts. In the 2 years since I purchased your course my income has increased by 92% and with more experience, it is only going to jump up even higher! Thanks for the help and support and I wish you well! – Fabio, PMO Analyst in Banking

“The thing that stood out the most for me about this course versus other Excel courses is that it solved the dilemma I was having of trying to develop the necessary and correct technical skills needed to earn more but also the strategy and mentality necessary for career advancement.  I have been doing some flavour of project coordination/management/business analysis for the past few years but have been looking for ways not only to automate but add more value and think more strategically.  This course checks all those boxes.” – Mike, Project Manager, USA

“If you saw the type of excel work being produced in my workplace you would be floored – or I’m sure you have seen through your career. I’m one of those that knew the underlying power of excel but had thought the time and energy to fully learn was lost at this point in my career (I’m not so early in my career), and I could just get by as a lot of PMs are doing/have been doing with various excel hacks and weird workflow tricks (as I believe you mentioned, many consider it just a “spreadsheet”). You would laugh at a recent pivot table work-flow that was handed to me for a simple excel task – I changed that immediately after your training.” – Brian, Project Manager, USA

“First of all just to let you know that you are a genius!! Thanks for teaching me all this stuff and sharing all your years of professional experience. I´m really learning!” – Laura, Financial Controller, Barcelona