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Online Microsoft Excel Training Courses Kingsbridge England

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Nowadays employers are looking for not only college degrees but also extra skills. As the leading provider of Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Kingsbridge England, www.EarnAndExcel.Com knows this better than anyone. An easy way to add weight to your resume is by having advanced Excel training. There are several explanations why one can advance a career using MS Excel. If you don’t know anything about Microsoft Excel, then you must learn how to use it soon. With that said, let us chat about many of the reasons, and how, you may improve your occupation through learning Excel. Although there are other options Microsoft Excel it is still the best choice for many employers throughout Kingsbridge England.

Why you should take online MS Excel Training Classes?

For one, it’s a very popular skill. Figuring out how to use Excel Program means you’ll be soon on your way to obtaining a highly sought after skill. You would be amazed by the number of companies in a myriad of trades depend on MS Excel to some degree or another. Yet, some companies have units where their workers only use Microsoft Excel in their day to day function. They have staff who track everything from finances to simple business dealings and other vitalinformation. After you learn how to use Microsoft Excel you will possess an marketable ability. The truth is that a lot of managers don’t get the chance to perform their very own tasks using Microsoft Excel. For this reason they hire men and women who are trained in it.

Detect Trends with MS Excel

The more you utilize MS Excel, the better you’ll be at spotting developing trends. Most companies discover that staff who regularly use Excel are great at pointing out trends, that might in due course result in career development. For instance, if you work for an organization and you begin using Excel, and start identlfying trends, then you would receive a promotion, pay-raise or a new position might be created for you. Not only that, having the capacity to identify trends might help a company become more successful. It may help them adjust or modify their strategy. If this happens, and you are the person who is able to identify trends, then you can bet there is a good chance your company will compensate you.

Searching for Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Kingsbridge England?

You may have already discovered that Earn and Excel is not the only from offering online Excel Training Courses in Kingsbridge England. MS Excel is not a difficult software to learn. The majority of individuals will get it in just a few classes. With that said, and like with everything else not all online Excel Training Classes are the same. The great majority of our participants have complained about the lack of advanced training other classes have. The Earn and Excel Microsoft Excel Training Courses were put together to help you advance your career. This means learning advance features such as data tracking.

Things like tracking company data and bringing it together in ways that is practical and clear and understandable is an invaluable skill, especially if you work on an area where there are lots of other team members or partners. By understanding how to correctly and effectively track data and lay it within an easy-to-understand format might help advance your employment. One of the better aspects of Excel is you can use it to give a variaty of data together, like documents, files as well as images. Whenever you learn to use Excel, you’ll eventually know how to do those activities.

Getting ahead in your job options with Excel is possible when you have the proper training. Aside from data tracking, making charts is a greatly saw after Microsoft Excel skills. If you know how to build charts in MS Excel that means that you can get the job anywhere from a data analytics company to a e-commerce outfit. There are lots of forms of Excel charts you may build, and you will impress your business associates or the company you need to work for by creating charts. By way of example, in case you have a conversation by using a company, then you can certainly produce a sample chart in line with the nature from the work they do. This may adequately increase the chances of you getting the job and advancing in your position.

So, the question is – Are you ready to succeed career with Microsoft Excel? Even if you are brand new into it or else you have some experience, you must become as proficient with Excel as you can be. The sooner you perfect Microsoft Excel, the earlier you’ll advance in your position. If you’re looking for more information about Earn and ExcelEarnAndExcel.Com’s top rated online Microsoft Excel training courses Kingsbridge England check out Earn and ExcelEarnAndExcel.Com’s blog

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What is the OR Function in Excel, and How Do I Use it?

How To Use Excel 2010_

The OR function in Excel is found in the formulas tab under “logical.” It checks whether any of the arguments are true and will yield either a true or false value. In our Excel classes, you will learn the functionality of this feature and many others.

The syntax or formula is: =OR(logical1,logical2,logical3,…)

The OR function in Excel can be used with logical operators, nested within an “if” function, and used in conjunction with the “and” or “not” functions. This Excel tutorial will teach you the finer points of using the OR function in your daily life as you work with the program.

How Can I Use the OR Function in Excel With Logical Operators?

It’s the end of the year and employee bonuses are being distributed. The first bonus is a sales bonus and it is awarded to every employee who either had over $10,000 in sales or sold more than 10 protection plans.

  1. Logical1 =B2>10000
  2. Logical2 =C2>10
  3. =OR(B2>10000,C2>10)
  4. Copy the formula down Column F
  5. All employees who have a TRUE will get the sales bonus this year.

How to Use the “if” Function in Excel

To change the value in column F to show the actual bonus ($250.00) instead of the true or false values, use an “if” function. Continue reading this portion of your Excel training to better understand the differences between “if” and OR.

  1. Insert the OR Function from the example above into an if Function as the logical_test.
  2. =IF(OR(B2>10000,C2>10),”$250″,”0″)
  3. The function reads if the employee has sales exceeding $10,000 or has sold more than 10 protection plans return $250, if not $0.

Copy down the column and now you can see exactly who gets a bonus.

How Can I Use the “and” Function in Excel?

Use when there is multiple criterion, a concept that will be frequently made mention of during our online Excel course. For example, a training bonus of $25 is issued to all employees who had either 8 hours or 16 hours only if the employee was absent less than 2 days.

  1. Enter the OR function as =OR(D2=8,D2=16)
  2. Nest the OR function into an and function as =AND(OR(D3=8,D3=16),E3<2)
  3. Nest the and Function into the if Function as =IF(AND(OR(D4=8,D4=16),E4<2),”$25″,”$0″)
  4. The final formula reads if training hours equal 8 OR 16 and days missed is under 2, then return a value of $25 if not, no bonus is awarded.

How Can I Use the “not” Function with the OR Function in Excel?

The not function changes false to true or true to false. When combined with the OR Function it searches for values that are not this or that. The company gives gift cards out at the end of the year. Employees who did not receive a training bonus nor a sales bonus will receive a $10 Gift Card as a thank you from the owner. Quality Excel classes will help you learn to configure these kinds of spreadsheets and effectively manipulate the data to your needs.

  1. Create the OR Statement =OR(F2=”$250″,G2=”$25″), a true value means the employee received a sales bonus and/or a training bonus.
  2. Nest the OR statement into a not function =NOT(OR(F2=”$250″,G2=”$25″)) to search for those that didn’t receive either bonus.
  3. Nest the not function inside an if function =IF(NOT(OR(F2=”$250″,G2=”$25″)),”$10″,””) this function reads If the employee didn’t receive either bonus, place a $10 in the cell, if they did receive a bonus leave the cell blank (told by the “” in the value_if_false element).

How Can I Combine Multiple Nests with the OR Function in Excel?

Continuing with the above example, let’s say employees who received one bonus receive a $25 gift card and those that earned both bonuses receive a $100 gift card at the end of the year.

  1. Create an and function =AND(F2=”$250″,G2=”$25″) to check if the employee received both bonuses.
  2. Nest the and function within an if function IF(AND(F2=”$250″,G2=”$25″),”$100″,”$25″) to see if they did receive both return a value of $100. If not, return a value of $25.
  3. Nest the if function above into the value_if_false condition of the original IF Function IF(NOT(OR(F2=”$250″,G2=”$25″)),”$10″,IF(AND(F2=”$250″,G2=”$25″),”$100″,”$25″))
  4. The logic in this very large function is first check if the employee did not receive a bonus and leaving a $10 value. If they did it is not looking to see if they received both and leaving a $100, the only other option is for the employee to receive one bonus and in that case, it is leaving a value of $25.
  5. Working backwards is the best way to ensure your nested functions remain intact and operable. In the above worksheet, I test each function one by one in column J. If the function worked properly I delete the equal sign from the front, go to the next row and copy the function into the next logical test. The individual functions are coloured to show how they fit within each other.

These quick Excel Lessons should help you with the OR function in Excel. If you still do not fully understand the concept, additional online Excel training might be in order.

Excel Classes Will Teach You All of the Functions in a Way That You Can Understand

The program comes complete with numerous functions that you must understand if you want to get the most out of Microsoft Excel. Our comprehensive Excel classes will teach you the applications of these functions in a way that you can practice them effectively in your daily professional life.