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Online Microsoft Excel Training Courses Rainham London England

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Today employment agencies are searching for not only graduates but also extra skills. As the leading provider of Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Rainham London England, Earn and Excel knows this better than anyone. A simple and affordable way to embellish your resume is by having advanced Excel skills. You will discover that there are so many reasons why you can advance a career using MS Excel. If you do not much about Excel Program, then you must be trained how to use it soon. With that said, how about we chat about many of the reasons, and how, you could advance your career through learning Microsoft Excel. Although there are other software’s in the marketplace Excel it is still choice for many medium to small businesses throughout Rainham London England.

Why you should take online MS Excel Training Courses?

For one, it’s a highly sought after skill. Finding out how to use Microsoft Excel means you will be soon on your way to acquiring a highly desired skill. You would be very impressed by just how many businesses in all sorts of trades depend on MS Excel to some degree or other. Still, some organizations have departments where their workers only use Microsoft Excel in their daily function. They have employees who monitor anything from finances to simple business dealings and any other keyinformation. When you know how to utilize Excel you’ll be in possession of an wanted talent. The reality is that some company owners don’t have the time to do their own tasks using Excel Program. This is the reason they hire people who are skilled in it.

Identify Trends with Excel Program

The longer you use Excel Program, the better you’ll get at distinguishing evolving trends. Many businesses discover that people who regularly use Microsoft Excel are excellent at spotting trends, that can eventually lead to career advancement. As an example, when you work for a corporation and you start using MS Excel, and start seeing trends, then you may possibly be given a promotion, pay increase or a new job function might be made for you. In addition to that, having the capacity to identify trends could help an organization be a little more successful. It can help them fine-tune or tweak their strategy. Should this occur, and you’re the person that has been able to see trends, then you can bet there’s a good chance that your particular company will compensate you.

Looking for Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Rainham London England?

As you may already know Earn & Excel is not the only website offering Excel Training Courses in Rainham London England. Excel is not a difficult platform to learn. The majority of individuals will get it in just a few lessons. Nevertheless, and like with everything in life not all Excel Training Courses are equal. Quite a few of our participants tell us about the lack of advanced training other courses have. The www.EarnAndExcel.Com online Microsoft Excel Training Classes were put together to help you be more attractive to employers. That means learning features such as data tracking!

Tracking company data and bringing it together in a fashion that is practical and clear and understandable is definitely an invaluable skill, specifically if you work at a location where there are numerous other employees or partners. By understanding how to correctly and effectively track data and lay it out in an easy-to-understand format may help advance your work. One of the best reasons for Excel is it can be used to give various types of data together, including documents, files and also images. If you discover ways to use Excel, you’ll eventually realize how to do those things.

Advancing your employment choices with Microsoft Excel can be achieved with the right training. Besides data tracking, making charts is a greatly saw after MS Excel skills. If you learn how to build charts in MS Excel that means that you can get the job anywhere from a insurance agency to a online store. There are many forms of Excel charts you may build, and you can impress your boss or even the company you need to benefit by creating charts. As an example, in case you have a conversation using a company, then you can definitely develop a sample chart depending on the nature from the work they are doing. This can perfectly increase the likelihood of getting the job and advancing within your position.

The question is – Are you prepared to succeed career with MS Excel? Even if you are completely new into it or perhaps you have some experience, you ought to become as proficient with Excel as you possibly can be. The quicker you perfect Microsoft Excel, the earlier you’ll advance inside your position. If you’re looking for more info about Earn & Excel’s top rated online Microsoft Excel training classes Rainham London England visit our blog

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What are the Day Of The Week Functions In Excel?

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There are two types of functions associated with the day of the week in Excel. The first is concerned when you have a date (8/19/17, for example) and you want to know the day of the week (Saturday). We can achieve this result by customising the date format for the cell or another cell within the worksheet. Let our online Excel training show you how.

The second is the weekday function. Like the function mentioned above, it will also yield the day of the week based upon a date. The difference between the two is that the weekday function will return a numeric value that represents the day of the week. Using the weekday function, 8/19/17 would yield a result of 7, representing the 7th day of the week: Saturday.

How Can You Format The Day Of The Week In Excel?

Custom formatting can be used to show the day of the week in Excel. In this Excel training example, we want to show the day of the week that an order had shipped.

  1. In cell C2 enter =B2 to easily copy the ship date over into the new column, then proceed to copy down column C.
  2. Highlight the data in column C and right-click and select “format cells” from the menu.
  3. Go to “custom” in the category section.
  4. Enter the type of formatting you wish to display.
    1. For the full weekday name enter dddd = Sunday.
    2. For the abbreviated weekday name enter ddd = Sun.
  5. Click OK.

Now as displayed above, column C will have the day of the week that the order shipped.

How Can You Use The Weekday Function?

Although we don’t typically use the weekday function in our Excel classes, it is recommended when entering other formulas or embedding the weekday function within a formula. The function can be found under the date & time button in the formulas tab.

The formula or syntax for the weekday function is:


The serial number is a number assigned to the date in which you are trying to find the day of. This is critical for your understanding as we progress through this Excel tutorial. To manually enter a date and translate the date into a serial number, embed the date function.

Date is written as =DATE(year,month,day). When embedded into the weekday function it will appear as:

=WEEKDAY(DATE(year,month,day)) or =WEEKDAY(DATE(2017,8,19)) to find the day of the week for August 29, 2017.

If the date is listed within the worksheet or another worksheet you simply have to enter the cell number of the date as the serial number. Keeping with the example, =WEEKDAY(B2) would give the same calculated result of 7 as manually entering the date.

The return_type tells Excel what numerical value you would like placed on the days of the week. Basically, you choose the weekday that starts your week by choosing the return_type that places a 1 for that weekday. If you want your work week to start on Friday, you’d choose return_type 15.

Return_Type Codes:

Return_Type Codes:12311121314151617

To find the numerical value of the workday:

In this Excel course example, our week starts on Sunday, so we will omit the return_type and the date we are using is listed in column B

  1. In cell D2, enter the weekday function
  2. =WEEKDAY(B2)
  3. Hit enter and copy down column D

Tip: You can quickly change the formatting to the custom format as discussed above to display the day of the week (i.e. Saturday).

What If I Want To Embed Day Of The Week in an Excel Formula?

In the worksheet for this Excel class example, we are estimating the delivery date using the weekday function and an “if” function.

All 2-day shipping will be delivered 2 days after shipping and standard will be delivered 5 days after shipping.

  1. To figure standard shipping =WEEKDAY(WEEKDAY(B2)+5)
  2. To figure 2-day shipping =WEEKDAY(WEEKDAY(B2)+2)
  3. Now embed those two into an “if” function


  1. This statement literally reads, “if the shipping type is standard, add 5 days to the ship date and display as 1 to 7 with Sunday being 1. If not, add 2 days to the ship date and display as 1 to 7 with Sunday being 1.”

Note: Entering only one day of the week in Excel function into the formula may yield a result of higher than 7 but by embedding that function into another weekday function, Excel will change the calculated result back to a weekday numerical value. For example, in row 3, Saturday = 7 and standard = 5 so the result is 12. Embed that within another weekday function and when it hits 7, it counts from 1 again resulting in a 5.

Why Excel Training is so Important Regarding the Day of the Week Function

As you can see from what we detailed above in this segment of our Excel classes, understanding the day of the week function is critical in keeping track of numerous business functions in Excel. If you need or want to learn how to best organize your data via Excel spreadsheets, consider undergoing further Excel training!