Excel VBA and Macros Online Training Course

‘If you are spending two days a week or more working in Excel, then we will show you how to regain at least half of it back with Excel VBA and Macros’

Are you regularly producing the same reports, doing the same data analysis and another repetitive work week after week in Excel? We will show you how to get off the hamster wheel of repetitive work, so you can focus on adding real value to your company.

 This is the only Excel VBA and Macros course on the market purpose-built to teach Excel VBA and Macros skills to corporate professionals including analysts, accountants, controllers, PMO’s, project managers, management consultants and other corporate professionals.

If that includes you then keep reading and see how this course has changed the lives of our students (Yes, you read that correctly, this Excel VBA and Macros course is changing lives!)

How you will get an unrivalled Excel Training Experience

Our goal is simple, in a few short weeks we will take an entirely bespoke and specific approach to teach you the Excel VBA and Macros skills that will have you spending less time locked away in Excel and more time adding value to your team, getting visibility in your company and building a reputation as a productive high-value employee.

You can be confident in the knowledge that so far, we have done this for over 1000 corporate professionals in two ways:

1. Our psychological approach to teaching Excel VBA and Macros skills

We don’t teach you Excel the way other courses do.

Our approach to teaching is firmly rooted in the human psychology of quick wins so we have you programming in the first few minutes. Just like each and every one of our students, you will gain massive confidence in your VBA skills right from the start.

By avoiding all the unnecessary jargon and functionality that other courses start with, we get straight to the point and keep your momentum going.

We have had students automating aspects of their work the day after starting! And whilst individual results vary, most of our students develop enough skills to begin saving tremendous amounts of time at work within a few short weeks.

2. You will get unrivaled levels of support and guidance throughout this Excel Training course

Where most courses let you down is precisely where we shine.

Our support is truly world class because all of our support staff have all previously worked in global companies, they are not trainers by profession so the guidance and advice is the most highly qualified professional advice.

This is very important because Excel VBA and Macros can be quite daunting and poor teaching and advice can make things more complex than they need to be. If it gets too complex, then it’s only a matter of time before you will find yourself procrastinating and back to treading water at work.

Discussions, emails and video responses to your Excel Course questions

We support you with written and video responses. Yes. If we feel a written response doesn’t do you justice, we will create a video just for you!

But regardless of the format you can be rest assured knowing that the advice will not be fluffy or vague, it will always be in the context of solving business problems with Excel. So not only will your Excel skills improve but you will become a more effective professional in the process.

Skype Guidance

Beyond what we teach, if you want hands-on guidance on Excel VBA and Macros related work problems like a challenging report, troublesome analysis or anything else then we offer all our students significant amounts of one to one time on Skype (or your preferred method of video/screen share communication)

Who is behind this Excel VBA and Macros Training course?

Our Excel VBA and Macros Course Instructor, Sohail Anwar, is a Londoner who has spent over 12 years working on major projects in global investment banks going from junior to senior roles in the process. Strong Excel skills played a huge role in helping Sohail get promoted along the way.

Our Excel Course Manager Sheila McLean, originally from Glasgow, Scotland has spent over 15 years working on major projects in global companies in Banking, Energy and Retail. As a PMO she has extensive experience of using Excel for project management.

Some of the companies our students have worked at

Accelerated learning for busy professionals

Let’s face it you have deadlines, a social calendar, maybe even kids and the thought of opening a thick 1000-page Excel VBA book, scouring Youtube for random VBA tips or even do a 50 hour course by an ‘Excel Trainer’ who has never used Excel in a major company doesn’t have much appeal.

Our course has been created by professionals who have spent decades solving hundreds of Excel related problems with VBA and Macros in dozens of global companies. We have done all the heavy lifting, what took us decades to master will take you just a few short weeks.

Here are just a few of the many success stories our students have shared with us

“I got to Week 4 and having put a lot of work in, things became too busy with work and home –have 5 kids. The VBA side was intense and I put many hours in – the examples on loops etc were so detailed – no comparison to my course in Dublin…Courses like this should be required by all professionals (having seen client spreadsheets over the years) as most people have no Excel or Microsoft based training” – Barry, Accountant, Ireland

“My manager brought me in initially to assist with the schedule and budget for the program she was running.  While I was able to relieve some of the immediate pain she had with the basic Excel knowledge I had, this course allowed me to both automate and scale the solution I created to create a standard that could be applied to the other programs in the portfolio. I would recommend this course 100% because it goes above and beyond the call of developing a skillset that can be taken anywhere but also a mindset and direction as well.” – Mike, Project Manager, USA

“If you saw the type of excel work being produced in my workplace you would be floored – or I’m sure you have seen through your career. I’m one of those that knew the underlying power of excel but had thought the time and energy to fully learn was lost at this point in my career (I’m not so early in my career), and I could just get by as a lot of PMs are doing/have been doing with various excel hacks and weird work flow tricks (as I believe you mentioned, many consider it just a “spreadsheet”). You would laugh at a recent pivot table work-flow that was handed to me for a simple excel task – I changed that immediately after your training.” – Brian, Project Manager, USA

“I found the VBA especially useful; well really, all of it was very useful. It has gotten me thinking about better ways to manage the data and reports that I am building… I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to really learn what Excel can do. It was worth every penny.” – Dawn, Data Analyst, USA