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Have you wondered what does it takes to land a better paying job? In today’s job market, chances are that if you had advance Microsoft Excel training you’ll get paid more. At EarnAndExcel.Com we can help you with that.. Our top rated, Microsoft Excel Training Course in Cricklewood London England, allows you to learn at your own pace and become an advance Excel user. The Excel Program is actually a spreadsheet programme made by Microsoft in 1985. It was developed for the sole reason for assisting organizations to collect their financial figures in a single specific document. Now, Microsoft Excel is being useful for creating graphs including pivot tables to illustrate the financial growth and advancement of businesses. The value of learning MS Excel includes:

  1. It includes simple arithmetic solutions

The capacity of being able to give its users mass arithmetic calculations is inarguably the most important job of Escel. It has a vast program that is fully equipped with all the current mathematical formulas. This kind of feature is beneficial to organizations in adding annual sales and other financial types of worksheets as it could add, subtract, multiply, and divide figures very easy.

  1. Easy online access

As it belongs to the Office 365 Suite, businesses and their employees can certainly access their files remotely whenever needed. This usage of files remotely makes it simple to complete changes to the files with no access of a PC and forward the spreadsheet file immediately.

  1. Essential formatting options

Equipped with various formatting options like underline, bold, italic, highlighting, font style, font size font color, etc., the Excel Program allows companies to collect valuable data and make it not the same as other data. You can highlight a complete row, even compare lists and values.

  1. Multi functional combination

Microsoft Excel helps you the individual to make spreadsheets which are bigger than an average 20 A1 papers. You could potentially import your information from other worksheets and in many cases add images and also other objects with the easy insert tab, making it simpler to drag all the data you want from a range of files and save them all in one file.

Looking for Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Cricklewood London England?

There’re several causes why as an individual, you ought to see the significance of learning Microsoft Excel. These reasons are:

  1. Requirement for Ms Excel professionals

With all its wonderful features, recruitment agents are out in the market for professionals in excel. This, nonetheless, does not only limit proviciency at just the advanced features. Employers are also looking for Excel professionals due to the wide area of use. This implies data analytics is a global process.

  1. More job opportunities

The need for MS Excel application is quickly rising internationally. Pros who can contribute to the analytics world are generally in high demand. For instance, data scientists are the people who greatly understand and know to carry out analytics, and analytics specilists are those who can deduce the info received through the data scientists. Now, there are various jobs which demand from an individual the key and vast expertise in Excel, so that it is crucial to discover.

  1. Learning calculation processes.

Data and also other info are actually more than ever before used in blogs, TV, and newspapers to mention a few. Learning Excel allows anyone a person to develop quickly and understand all the data was gotten, by learning the actual way it was calculated. Microsoft Excel formulas, formatting options, along with other data management tools help organizations accomplish complex math, logical, and financial computations faster, along with the most accuracy. By using these tools, people learn to confirm, combine, import, and explore data utilizing the Excel program. Anyone searching for additional info about Earn and Excel’s top rated online Microsoft Excel training classes Cricklewood London England take a look at the Earn & Excel’s blog

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Why Do Good Excel Classes Suggest Avoiding the Excel HLOOKUP Feature?

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Here’s a question I got from one of my Excel classes subscribers, Joseph: ‘Sohail, can you kindly explain how best to use the Excel HLOOKUP?’

Yes, Joseph, here’s my explanation, although it may not be very kind:

‘Never use HLOOKUPs. Never ever.’

Is that, okay Joseph? Did I cover all the points you wanted me to?

Wouldn’t life be easier if I was a bit nicer and just explained the HLOOKUP to poor Joseph and to you? Then we could all skip merrily along to work as we whistle: ‘Hi ho, it’s off to work we go’ in unison.

No. It wouldn’t be.

I would be complicating your life a bit more and bringing you a step closer to mediocrity in your thinking. Then I wouldn’t able to sleep at night, and I’m driven by two things in life:

  1. Stamping out mediocrity
  2. Sleep quality

My Excel classes avoid singing the praises of HLOOKUP because, well, it’s far from the most valuable thing you could learn in any Excel class.

What is the HLOOKUP?

Let’s be honest, it’s the VLOOKUP’s uglier, bucked-tooth cousin. Instead of operating vertically to find data like the sexy VLOOKUP does, it prefers to go horizontally.

I can hear you cringing at my first world Excel problems.

So why do I have no love for the HLOOKUP?

Well, the Excel HLOOKUP was invented by the Microsoft team to give people another way to do something. In their focus groups and feedback, they look for where people struggle, and they attempt to solve these ‘problems’ by adding functionality.

They could see in some cases that people needed a horizontal approach to finding data, so they invented a function thinking that they solved a problem. But in reality, they created a bigger problem for professionals, because really what they should have done was to encourage people to store their data properly. This encouragement is exactly what you will find in any of my Excel tutorials and instruction materials. If you store your data properly, which is vertically into what I call ‘Long Boring Lists’ then, like me, you won’t ever use HLOOKUP.

The thinking by Microsoft that lead to the creation of the HLOOKUP is classic ‘painting over the cracks’ which gives the user only a very short-term benefit since it discourages professionals from properly storing data, which makes life way easier in the long term. Also, Microsoft is always trying to add to the number of formulas because lots of Excel formulas means more functionality which is, of course, a selling point, especially for an iteratively developing tool.

Why Avoiding HLOOKUP Matters in the Grand Scheme

There are few things I hate more than overcomplicating. In fact, I am the anti “let’s add more stuff and learn everything guy”! You will discover this about me as you continue with my online Excel training.

What?! Am I saying I am against acquiring more and more knowledge?

Not exactly. Let me explain it to you like this: One of the most important books I’ve read in the last 10 years is called ‘The Paradox of Choice’ and in it psychologist Barry Schwarz explains how more choice in reality actually leads to more stress, overwhelm and inaction.

As professionals, especially one’s with more than a shred of ambition, we can’t afford inaction. But it’s very real.

So ideally, we want to reduce, reduce, reduce as many possible things in our life including the number of tools we need in our toolbox to solve problems.

Now that I’ve given the Excel HLOOKUP a jolly good thrashing, there are other sacred techniques that are overkill that I’m going to take to task. How to go about getting my insights?

Well, a good start is to go through my (free) E-Book ‘The Only 27 Excel Formulas a Professional Needs.’ It’s a great way to dip in to my Excel training.

Good Excel Classes Trim Away the Useless Stuff to Teach Better Skills

HLOOKUP might sound like a great idea, but in my experience, this is far from the truth. In my Excel classes we will cover Excel tutorials to help you understand the importance of storing your data properly in the first place. Once you have a solid understanding of this concept, the rest of the online Excel training will come to you easier.

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