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Have you wondered what does it takes to land a better paying job? Chances are that if you had advance Microsoft Excel training you will land a better job. At EarnAndExcel.Com we can help you with that.. Our top rated, online, Microsoft Excel Training Classes in East of England, allows you to learn online at your own pace and become an advance Excel user. The Excel Program is basically a spreadsheet programme made by the Microsoft Company in 1985. It was made for the only reason for facilating organizations to record their financial figures in just one specific document. Now, Excel is being used for creating charts including pivot tables to show the financial development and progress of businesses. The advantage of learning this program includes:

  1. It includes easy math solutions

Its ability to give its users big arithmetic computations is undienably the most significant job of the Excel program. It comes with a vast program that is fully equipped with all the current mathematical formulas. This kind of feature is used by organizations in calculating yearly sales and other financial types of spreadsheets as it is able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide figures easily.

  1. Easy online access

As it belongs to the Office 365 Suite, business employers as well as their staff can easily access their files online whenever necessary. This usage of online files makes it simple to do changes for the files without having the access of the workstation and send the spreadsheet file immediately.

  1. Essential formatting options

Constructed with a number of formatting possibilites such as Bold, italic, underline, highlighting, font style, font size font color, etc., the Excel Program permits companies to bring together valuable data to make it different from other data. It is possible to highlight a whole row, even compare lists and values.

  1. All-in-one combination

the Excel Program helps you the individual to make spreadsheets that are greater than the average 20 A1 papers. You can import your data from other spreadsheets and in many cases add images as well as other objects from the simple insert tab, making it easier to pull all of the data you need from a range of files and back them up in a huge file.

Looking for Microsoft Excel Training Courses in East of England?

There are a variety of reasons why as an individual, you must see the significance of learning Microsoft Excel. These reasons are:

  1. Interest in Microsoft Excel professionals

Having all its awesome functions, employers are looking for professionals in excel. That, nonetheless, does not only limit proviciency at just the advanced functions. Companies are also looking for Ms Excel professionals because of the wide area of use. This means data analytics is a global process.

  1. More occupations

The interest in MS Excel application is rapidly growing worldwide. Pros who can contribute to the analytics world are generally saw after. For instance, data scientists are the people who really comprehend and know to execute analytics, and analytics specilists are the people who understand how to read the info received from the data scientists. Nowadays, there are many jobs that demand from an individual the real key and vast expertise in MS Excel, rendering it essential to understand.

  1. Learning calculation processes.

Data and other information are actually more than ever found in TV, Blogs and Newspapers among others. Learning Microsoft Excel enables you to grow faster and know the specific data was obtained, by learning the actual way it was calculated. Excel formulas, formatting options, and other data management tools help individuals complete complex math, logical, and financial calculations more quickly, along with the most accuracy. By making use of these tools, individuals learn to authenticate, consolidate, import, and explore data utilizing the MS Excel program. People searching for more details about Earn & Excel’s Excel training classes East of England check out our blog

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How MS Excel Makes Business Processes Easier

Introduction To Excel_

If you’re interested in using MS Excel for your business applications, then you’re on the right track. This Microsoft application can definitely make business processes such as accounting, inventory, and forecasting a whole lot simpler.

MS Excel is so powerful that it’s all you need to successfully run the back door your business. There are a lot of functions and tools that are included in it to make data entry fast and simple. With enough information, you can fulfill client’s orders faster and update inventories quicker. And with all these information at your disposal, you’ll find it easier to make business decisions that would propel the growth of your business.

How MS Excel Proficiency Helps

Being proficient in MS Excel means you know how to take advantage of the more advanced features of the software, such as the PivotTable feature, which allows you to automatically group data together. With this tool and the FORECAST function, it’s easy to see the trends of your business and make good decisions out of it.

MS Excel is also great at making all these values visually appealing, which means you don’t have to sift through tons of raw data. The visualization tools of the software make things so much easier and more accurate.

How to Use MS Excel

MS Excel is great software that can accommodate 17 billion cells in a single sheet and easily generate charts as needed. Some of the most useful functions of this software are as follows:


The SUBTOTAL function is almost the same as the SUM function, although the former excludes other SUBTOTAL functions in a given range. This is a good tool if you want to get the partial sum of various cells of the spreadsheet.


This function is also similar to the SUM function but it only includes rows meeting certain criteria or conditions. This is one of the many advanced features of MS Excel that shows how it can integrate basic programming into everyday mathematical functions.


This must be one of the most popular functions of MS Excel, as it looks for matching rows and columns in a related table, and then returns a corresponding value. Many advanced users have utilized this function to work well in their various business applications.

Why Proficiency in MS Excel is Important

Whether you own a business, or if you’re an employee of a large company, or a leader of a certain department, being proficient in MS Excel can help you greatly in spelling out your success. Get adequate training from a reputable MS Excel training center with many years of experience in a field and a proven track record. Check out Earn and Excel to see how they can help you gain advanced knowledge in MS Excel through their online courses and training materials that are second to none. They have produced course graduates that have been employed by UK’s top companies, such as RBS, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Bank, and many others.

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Online Microsoft Excel Training Courses East of England Nowadays companies are looking for not only graduates but also great skills. As the leading provider of online Excel Training Classes in East of England, www.EarnAndExcel.Com is very aware of this! One rather simple way to add weight to your resume is by having advanced Microsoft Excel skills. There are many factors why you should advance a career using Excel. If you do not [...]