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Lately just about everyone looking for Microsoft Excel Training Classes Redditch England have come to the conclusion that Earn & Excel has some of the most comprehensive classes you will find online. One thing many of these individuals are not aware Earn & Excel is also your best best for anybody looking for MS Excel courses in Tracy, California. When it comes to MS Excel classes specifically online classes there seems to be a lot of mistrust. One thing you need to keep in mind is that as with many things in life not all Microsoft Excel internet-based training are the same.

With that said, are website excel courses worth it? Said and Are you pondering an internet based Excel course? If you have been trying to evaluate if one of these brilliant courses would be right for you, there are a few things you should remember. Generally, these classes are very worthwhile.

Excel Is Vital – Companies in all sorts of industries use MS Excel. It’s regarded as an essential piece of software, and familiarity with this software is invaluable. When you don’t understand how to use Excel, it’s advisable to correct this gap with your knowledge sooner rather than later. You could potentially miss out on occupations in the event you don’t discover ways to use MS Excel.

Web Based Classes Are Extremely Flexible – Lots of people don’t bother to continue further education simply because they don’t have the time for doing it. You could possibly not be able to drive to your college campus frequently, but you could make online classes work together with the busiest of schedules. You can finish your coursework whenever you want and from anyplace. If you’ve desired to take an MS Excel class for some time, but happen to be too busy, online courses are exactly the thing you need.

You Can Get A Quality Education From An Internet Course – A lot of people believe that online courses cannot compare with classes inside a classroom. This might have been true in past times, but it’s incorrect today. You can get a first-rate education if you join one of those courses. Many online courses also offer certificates of completion, which you may mention in your resume.

Online Microsoft Excel classes are more than worthwhile. If you’re undecided about signing up for one of these simple courses, you need to learn more about the huge benefits you’ll enjoy after completing a training course. You will probably find that a course like this is great for you. Everyone interested on additional information about Earn and Excel’s training should taken a look at our microsoft office training blog!

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How do I Delete Duplicates in Excel?

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When you are collating spreadsheets from several other spreadsheets, there are higher chances that the final master spreadsheet will have duplicate records. My Excel classes will teach you not only how to find these duplicates, but how to delete them as well. You must delete duplicates in Excel; failure to do so will result in wrong data representations in your reports.

How can you use Excel’s Built-In Remove Duplicates functionality?

This option helps you to delete duplicates in Excel from a huge dataset, quite like the ones you’ll confidently work with after you complete your Excel training. This is the only method that allows you to remove duplicates based on certain columns. So, the first step is to identify columns that should have unique values. This column will be considered as the primary key field.

Step 1: Select the range from which duplicate records must be removed.

Step 2: On the Excel ribbon, click “data” and then select “remove duplicates.”

Step 3: You will now see the remove duplicates wizard. To remove duplicate values, you must select one or more columns that contain duplicate values. In order to do that, you have two buttons. The first button is ‘select all’ and the other button is ‘unselect all’. As the name implies, select all button selects all columns from the selected range. The button unselect all will unselect all columns from the selected range. If your data has headers, then use the check box titled “my data has headers”. Selecting this check box would remove the header row from the selection.

Step 4: Press OK to close the wizard. Excel will immediately remove duplicate records from the selected range and will also inform you of the count of duplicate records that were removed. It will also show how many unique values remain in the selected range.

The major disadvantage of using Excel’s remove duplicates function is that Excel won’t allow you to review duplicate records before deleting them. When dealing with a big dataset, this would be risky as you might lose records that you wanted to retain on sheets.

Eliminate Duplicates with Conditional Formatting

This option helps you to visually analyse duplicate records, an absolutely essential skill in any Excel classes you take. However, this will not delete duplicates in Excel automatically. This option is handy when you are dealing with small data set.

Step 1: Select the range from which duplicate records must be removed.

Step 2: On the Excel ribbon, from the Home menu go to conditional formatting, then select ‘highlight cell rules’ and then click ‘duplicate values.’

Step 3: You will now see a form with two drop downs. The first drop down will have two options and they are ‘duplicate’ and ‘unique’. The second drop down on this form contains different formatting options. If you select ‘duplicate’ in the first drop down, then it will highlight all duplicate values whereas selecting ‘unique’ in the first drop down would highlight unique values.

Step 4: You can now visually review duplicate values and remove them from sheets either by deleting cells or the entire row.

Nevertheless, there is a drawback to this method. It highlights all the duplicate values along with the original value. Unlike the former method, this method doesn’t allow you to specify if the selected range has headers.

Deleting Duplicates with Excel’s Advanced Filter

Another option covered in this Excel tutorial is deleting duplicates using the Advanced filter in Excel. This option is the best when you do not want to delete duplicate values and would rather only hide them. Advanced filter considers the record as an entire row. If you use advanced filter and try to filter data, it will not just hide the duplicate cells but the entire row containing the duplicate value. For example, if column A is your range, column B, and all other columns will be hidden though they contain unique values. This is not possible using the methods mentioned earlier in this Excel training article. ‘Conditional formatting’ and ‘remove duplicates’ works at the column level. Now let us learn how to use advanced filter and hide duplicate values on the Excel sheet.

Step 1: Select the range from which the duplicate records must be removed.

Step 2: From the header “data” on the Excel ribbon, click “sort & filter”. Then click on advanced.

Step 3: The form that pops up on the screen will have two radio buttons, 3 text boxes, and one check box. The first options available as a radio button is “filter the list, in-place”. This option will hide the rows. The second option “copy to another location” will not hide the rows but will copy unique values to the location that you have selected. The list range shows the address of your selected data. The criteria range allows you to set a rule based on which data would remain visible after the advanced filter. The copy to box would be disabled when you select the option “filter the list, in-place”. When you select the option “copy to another location”, this text box would be enabled and would allow you to pick a destination to which unique value will be copied.

Step 4: After choosing your options, do not forget to check the check box “unique records only.”

Please note, this guide applies to Excel 2016 and might vary across versions of Excel. If you are struggling to delete duplicates in Excel, you can take extra Excel training to learn how to remove duplicates in Excel.

Excel Classes Help You Learn How to Filter Out the Unwanted Stuff

Large spreadsheets tend to become rapidly populated with duplicate entries-duplicates that you don’t want there. You must find a way to deal with them if you want an easily read and convenient spreadsheet. My Excel classes will teach you the most efficient method of identifying duplicate data and purging it from your spreadsheets.

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