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If you’re wondering if you should learn Excel, then you also probably know the answer. Yes, you should learn MS Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful applications there is if you’re constantly crunching numbers. Even if you’re just in-between jobs or are considering switching careers, you should know that Excel has a lot of applications in the corporate world. Learning how to use it properly will make you an asset for a lot of departments. With MS Excel skills, working on formatting, automation, and formulas will come easy for you.  These are all skills that you can attain from the Earn and Excel learning courses, which is a compact, friendly, and dense learning program.

When is Microsoft Excel Useful?

If you’re constantly inputting numbers in columns, then a deeper knowledge of Microsoft’s Excel will definitely help you work more efficiently. It makes your sheets more reliable, more accurate, and easier to fill. You can use formulas and macros to share information across columns and rows, eliminating the need to manually change the information in multiple sheets.

If you work in the financial, analysis, or energy sectors, then MS Excel skills are a must. Advanced Excel skills will allow you to work with higher volumes of data, thereby increasing your productivity. Your information will also be much more reliable since you’ll be able to automate a lot of your tasks.

Is Excel Hard to Master?

Excel is an example of complicated software, but that shouldn’t discourage you. One of the best things about our method is that we cut through most of the fluff. We only focus on a set number of formulas that are proven to unlock the software’s entire functionality.

In a few months, you’ll go through the entire curriculum, taking you to the level of a power user. This will unlock new working opportunities and promotions for you and will make you a more valuable asset to potential recruiters. Microsoft Excel is the go-to software in a lot of industries, due to its processing power in the financial and analytical fields.

Why Earn and Excel Courses are Much More Efficient than Other Programs

Because we cut out a lot of the standard notions, you’re able to focus more on learning formulas that have practical application in every situation. It’s a very efficient way of learning. This way, you have more time to focus on your practical skills, without cluttering your memory with information that you’re not going to use. The nature of the information you’ll get will also make it easier for you to memorize certain formulas since you’ll be constantly accessing it to solve sheet-related problems.

VBA and How it Can Help You

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is a programming language that’s used in creating macros. If you’re not familiar with the term macro, it’s basically a trigger for a chain of commands. For instance, you can bind your Ctrl+F12 keys to use a formula on a specific row or column, applying changes to more than one cell. This will make you very efficient and will increase the amount of work you can handle at a time.

Earn and Excel can help you bring your Excel skills to a whole new level. With our resources and method, you’re sure to make detailed graphs and complex macros in no time.