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A small sample of our students’ results

“I got to Week 4 and having put a lot of work in, things became too busy with work and home –have 5 kids. The VBA side was intense and I put many hours in – the examples on loops etc were so detailed – no comparison to my course in Dublin…Courses like this should be required by all professionals (having seen client spreadsheets over the years) as most people have no Excel or Microsoft based training” – Barry, Accountant, Ireland

“My manager brought me in initially to assist with the schedule and budget for the program she was running.  While I was able to relieve some of the immediate pain she had with the basic Excel knowledge I had, this course allowed me to both automate and scale the solution I created to create a standard that could be applied to the other programs in the portfolio. I would recommend this course 100% because it goes above and beyond the call of developing a skillset that can be taken anywhere but also a mindset and direction as well.” – Mike, Project Manager, USA

“If you saw the type of excel work being produced in my workplace you would be floored – or I’m sure you have seen through your career. I’m one of those that knew the underlying power of excel but had thought the time and energy to fully learn was lost at this point in my career (I’m not so early in my career), and I could just get by as a lot of PMs are doing/have been doing with various excel hacks and weird work flow tricks (as I believe you mentioned, many consider it just a “spreadsheet”). You would laugh at a recent pivot table work-flow that was handed to me for a simple excel task – I changed that immediately after your training.” – Brian, Project Manager, USA

“I found the VBA especially useful; well really, all of it was very useful. It has gotten me thinking about better ways to manage the data and reports that I am building… I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to really learn what Excel can do. It was worth every penny.” – Dawn, Data Analyst, USA

“First of all just to let you know that you are a genius!! Thanks for teaching me all this stuff and sharing all your years of professional experience. I´m really learning!” – Laura, Financial Controller, Barcelona

“I applied many of the skills I learned through your excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a huge help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills!” – Kiran, Financial Analyst, Canada

Hear in Kiran’s own words, how our training helped improve her work

Student Vas improved his Excel & VBA skills significantly and landed a senior Supply Chain role 

Watch Vas talking about his experience with our training 

Student Edgar was already very skilled with Excel, we showed him how to break in to big companies with his skills

We helped Jamila land her dream role as an Accountant in the middle east with Advanced Excel skills and Interview coaching

Some of the companies our students have worked at