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Microsoft Excel was released in September 1985. Throughout the 34 years that have passed since its initial launch, Excel has become much more intuitive and user-friendly. People have also had plenty of time to experiment with the various formulas that Excel has, so through a lot of trial and error, we now know which formulas will allow you to take full advantage of the software’s features.

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career as a financial analyst, banker, or accountant, or if you’re are just trying to rise in the ranks of your company, then Microsoft Excel proficiency is a must. Excel is the software that allows you to process a lot of data in a very efficient and accurate manner.

Excel Formulas and Functions

Throughout the 34 years of Excel’s existence, through countless hours of experience, people have started to figure out which are the best practices when working with this software. That’s also true for our experts. After logging in countless hours in complex sheets made for industries such as finance, banking, energy, our Excel wizards have managed to boil down the

Learn About VBA and How to Use It

If you really want to unlock new opportunities, learning VBA is the best way to master Excel. It’s a programming language developed by Microsoft for their MS Office suite. VBA will allow you to create macros that will automate your tasks. With macros, you can trigger a chain of functions just by pressing a button or a shortcut.

Learning VBA allows you to customize your sheets, making it easy to apply formulas to multiple tabs and columns and increase your productivity. You’ll cut down on processing times by removing the need to manually modify each cell, and that is a very valuable skill to have for a lot of industries.

Predict and Communicate Your Findings

Take note of every event that you have in your quarterly reports and present your data to the other departments. Based on your findings, you’ll be able to determine a course of action for the next fiscal year and export the information in very comprehensive charts and tables. Your MS Excel skills are going to improve communication and productivity across departments.

Earn and Excel Courses with 24/7 Support

It’s important to have someone who can help you out when you’re facing an issue. Online courses lack that feature for the most part, but not us. We have a 24/7 support line set up so that you can keep improving yourself without any restraints.

Learn Excel with our very compact courses. From simple formulas to automation and macros, you’ll go through everything you need to know to master the most widely-spread office-designated software. If you’re not content, then feel free to explore our free resources and get motivated to start your journey.