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In a contemporary corporate setting, speed and accuracy are everything. Microsoft Excel is the literal embodiment of these two traits, provided it’s being used by capable hands. When you’re working with high volumes of sensitive data, Microsoft Excel is a processing powerhouse. If you want to become a power user, Earn and Excel has designed a great program that covers everything. We’ll take you through the basics, how formulas work, what formulas are most useful in a corporate setting, and how you can master VBA if you’re really serious about spreadsheets.

How Excel Increases Productivity

Microsoft Excel is a very versatile program. Most people use it to list and store values, but a lot never go the extra mile to actually explore its depth. Microsoft Excel is a great processing program which allows users to input formulas, analyze data, and predict shifts in a company’s finances. It has everything that someone in the banking or financial sector might need.

Imagine having to input data in 50 cells every time you get a report, then being forced to modify the values based on taxes and spending by using a pen, paper, and calculator. Excel allows you to calculate and apply formulas to multiple or individual cells by default. You might be intimidated by the number of functions that Excel has, but don’t worry. While Microsoft Excel has a lot of features, our course has you focusing on just a fraction of the entire software. Why? Because that fraction is all you need to execute every action you’ll need to process financial data.

Just 27 Formulas

Learning Excel is intimidating and time-consuming, right? Wrong. We’ve worked closely with industry experts and have managed to determine that you only need 27 formulas to take full advantage of everything that the software has to offer. You won’t have to memorize the entire manual to become a power user. By cutting out all of the fluff and focusing on practical information, we’ve managed to create a course that has you trained in just a few sessions.

Additionally, if you’re intimidated by the nature of the information, don’t worry! The courses are structured in a comprehensive and cohesive manner, and one of our professionals is always just a few clicks away. That’s right! Our support line is online 24/7 and is standing by to help you with everything you need, be it a technical issue with one of the macros or a question regarding one of the formulas and its application.

It Facilitates Communication

When you’re always staring at Excel sheets, it might be hard to explain an error or an abnormality to someone who’s in a different department. Excel features exportable graphs and charts that will facilitate the way you communicate with other members of your team. Instead of showing up in a meeting with a bunch of cluttered numbers and some scribbled notes, why not meet your team with a colorful, comprehensive set of graphs?

Find out more about how Excel can improve your life and increase your income. Check out our courses and gather a lot of facts about MS Excel. We also provide a lot of free resources on this software.