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With checkboxes, most of the data is covered easily with simple yes/no type of inputs. Adding a new thing, or removing anything from the sheet is not always so easy. You may have to face different hurdles while removing a checkbox in Excel.

It could be an arduous task to remove checkboxes when you have multiple checkboxes in the sheet. With checkboxes in Excel, you can easily control how data should appear on the screen. It simply lets you select a cell that contains a checkbox to delete it. Do you know how to remove checkbox in Excel?

Let’s get started with a short how-to guide:

Kinds of Checkboxes in Excel

Before diving into see how to remove checkbox in Excel, let’s have a look at how many kinds of checkboxes are there in Excel. You need to understand what kind of checkboxes are there in your sheet so that you can easily pick one method of checkbox removal according to its type.

Excel has two main kinds of checkboxes:

  • The Form Control checkbox
  • The ActiveX Control checkbox

From the above two kinds, the Form control checkboxes are used more than others because of their simple and flexible features. Apart from that, the form control checkboxes are built-in Excel that’s why users tend to prefer them.

On the other hand, some users like to insert ActiveX controls because they need more formatting options to control the data for a better and more professional touch. To find out which type of checkbox your sheet contains, right-click on it.

Hover through the options that appear in front of you and if there is a “Properties” option present in the list, it clearly identifies it as an ActiveX control.

In case, the menu list contains an “Assign Macro” option then it would be a Form control checkbox.

Let’s move on to see how you can remove the checkbox in Excel:

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How to Remove Checkbox in Excel?

Removing a single checkbox is not a big deal, however, when you have a lot more checkboxes to remove from the sheet, you need to follow the proper steps:

For a single checkbox, you just select that cell and simply press the Delete key from the keyboard.

For multiple checkboxes, below are the methods:

Remove Checkboxes in Excel with the Select Objects Menu

You might have noticed that checkboxes can’t be selected easily by left-clicking on them. For this, you need to use the Select Objects menu. It lets you choose the objects like checkboxes to remove and you can use it for both kinds of checkboxes.

Not only this, you can even use this method for selecting hidden objects that are behind the text. Let’s learn how you can select and delete multiple checkboxes in Excel:

  • Open the Home tab.
  • Click on the Find & Select option given under the Editing group.
  • From the drop-down list that appears, click on the Select Objects menu.
  • Now, you have control to select any object from the sheet.
  • Click on the checkboxes you need to delete.
  • Press the Delete button.

With the Select Object option, you can select more than one checkbox in a single click. For this, press the CTRL key from the keyboard and select all the checkboxes you need to remove. Once you are done with the selection of checkboxes, press the Delete key.

In case, your sheet contains an ActiveX control checkbox, you cannot delete them like this. You need to ensure the Design mode is enabled, only then the above steps are helpful to you. To check if the Design mode is enabled or not, you need to open the Developer tab.

See if the Design mode button is in a darker shade of gray. If so, then it means the Design mode is activated.

If the option is not in a darker shade, you have to click on it to activate it.

To Sum Up:

In this post, you have briefly learned how to remove checkbox in Excel. The method given here is not a difficult one that’s why users will find it super helpful. Keep learning and exploring Excel! It can open up more ways to polish skills in a great way.

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