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We have had the pleasure of helping over 2000 professionals to better their skills and become indispensable to their companies. Here are some encouraging words from just a few:

A. Saleem
Investment Banking PMO, London

“This course is excellent. The Skills I have developed have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems in an Investment Banking environment. Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professionals. I would highly recommend this course.”

James Barton-Ginger
Senior Project Manager, New Zealand

“Sohail’s courses have provided me with the guidance and traction to hugely grow my earnings – in fact trebled my income over the past few weeks upon completion. This was due to the fact there’s a formula that for me clarified core missing pieces. For me this has been a real game changer and a catalyst.”

Kiran Arain
Senior Financial Analyst, Canada

“I applied many of the skills I learnt through your excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a huge help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills!”

Mike Doubek
Project Manager, US

“The VBA course has been a game changer as the ability to automate was something I longed for in order to be more efficient and more effective as a professional. I also really liked the PowerPoint lesson and the Marketing Your Skills lesson. This course is the complete package, I would recommend this course 100% 

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