The ONLY Excel Skills Training That Will Progress Your Career 

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What you'll discover in this online Masterclass:

  • The ONLY way to progress your Excel Skills if you want a highly prestigious and lucrative career. All other ways will leave you on the hamster wheel of mediocrity.
  • The MOST important Excel skill to build to bullet proof your career for the next 10-15 years, this will make you recession proof and layoff proof. Yes, that's a bold claim but we make it because we understand the economics and behaviors of businesses and how they decide who stays and who goes
  • How we use a fundamental principle discovered by an Italian economist to do less work and get more reward (We don't advocate doing less work, it's what we do with our saved time that makes all the difference)
  • The incredibly simple Formula I learned from my mentors that guarantees career progression
  • Why 90% of highly competent, highly capable professionals get stuck in their career and the system we use to avoid that trap and get unstuck
  • The THREE components of a high paying job that you need to obsessively work on. This guaranteed me consistent six figure income
  • The exact career strategy I learned from my mentors that got me high paying roles in the best global companies …they don't even teach this in MBAs
  • Why very few people discuss Excel skills in the context of career progression like I do and why should stop listening to them immediately if you want significant career success
  • Why over-complicating your Excel work will leave you in the same spot for years until you retire with regret. You will learn for free in this masterclass how to not let that happen
  • Why spending months and years learning 'lots' of Excel skills like most courses and books teach is dead WRONG for serious professionals…Instead, how I got massive results by learning just a few Excel skills, but going deep in them
  • And a lot more...

Excel Training

Are you looking to improve your Excel skills? 

Perhaps you have been trying to understand which Excel formulas are worth learning?


Maybe you have been searching for yet another PivotTable tutorial? Or tried to understand what the best Excel chart is to make your current report more effective? In fact, you may have tried books, search engines or even resorted to bribing Dave, the office ‘Techie’ with a coffee for some much-needed Excel guidance.


And yet you are still only comfortable with the Excel basics or can randomly tackle something a bit more advanced. I want to help you change that with the help of our Excel classes. 

When I started Earn and Excel, I decided to set a lofty goal: to create the best online Excel training for corporate professionals. I don’t just want to teach you random Excel tips and tricks, with my experience I want to show you how to truly leverage Microsoft Excel to become highly productive and insightful for your company.

I do things very differently because I tap into my experience and focus on teaching things that work. Just because Excel has a particular tool or function, doesn't mean it's of value or use. 

I'm Sohail Anwar and I have worked in the financial services as a consultant analyst and project manager in some of the biggest global companies for the last 13+ years. 

I credit the improvement in my Excel and VBA skills as being the biggest factor in going from junior to senior roles in a short time frame. From tackling every kind of problem that all corporate professionals face, I spotted a pattern in the way Excel needed to be used at work. 

This lead to me developing the 4:3 Excel problem-solving strategy. That is there are only 3 types of problems and to solve them we need to use Excel in a combination of 4 possible ways.

This forms the basis of my Excel Lessons 

Not only that but it is also the way I teach VBA lessons and macros. Because of this experience I are able to ignore so many unnecessary functions and formulas that Excel has to offer.

In fact, I have seen that 80% of Excel’s functions are unnecessary and in true 80:20 fashion I focus very deeply on the most useful 20%. Annoyingly Excel keeps adding more and more functions with every new version but most of them are pointless for professionals and it just adds to the overwhelm of learning Excel.

I will help eradicate that overwhelm and bring clarity to your Excel training.

I help professionals, with real projects, deadlines, social lives and family obligations. And I find that professionals without the necessary support, eventually run out of either the time or motivation to continue to improve your skills. Understandably.

This is a real shame as improved Excel skills will give you leaps in productivity and help you become indispensable to your company as you get a reputation for providing great analysis and reporting. So over the last few years, while I haven’t changed the structure and topics that I teach in our Excel lessons because they are tried, tested and proven, I have evolved the support that I give our students.

By spending a lot of time with students I have found that after the right topics delivered in a proven structure, it is strong support and guidance that truly transforms a student’s ability and motivation to go from Excel basics all the way to attaining advanced Excel skills. Our unique approach to support will feel like you are right there in the Excel school with us!

A great place to start your journey of improving your Excel skills and getting the career progression you deserve is with the webinar on 'How I increased my Salary From £27K a Year to £100K a Year with Specific Excel Skills and a Particular Career Strategy'