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Are you a Microsoft Excel user? Do you want to become more proficient in your daily use of the program? Well, Earn and Excel is here to help you do just that. We want to help Excel users get the most out of the program in their professional and personal life. Essentially, with any of our online training, courses or classes, you will learn how to use Excel so you can maximize efficiency on the job and automate some recurring processes; all with the goal of getting your work quickly so you have more time to focus on other tasks. On this blog, we will give you a few tips on how to use some basic Excel functions and other advanced functions and features.

Why it’s a Great Time to Start Learning Excel

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Microsoft Excel was released in September 1985. Throughout the 34 years that have passed since its initial launch, Excel has become much more intuitive and user-friendly. People have also had plenty of time to experiment with the various formulas that Excel has, so through a lot of trial and error, we now know which formulas will allow you to take full advantage of [...]

Why You Need Microsoft Excel

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 In a contemporary corporate setting, speed and accuracy are everything. Microsoft Excel is the literal embodiment of these two traits, provided it’s being used by capable hands. When you’re working with high volumes of sensitive data, Microsoft Excel is a processing powerhouse. If you want to become a power user, Earn and Excel has designed a great program that covers everything. We’ll [...]

Earn and Excel: Breathe New Life into Your Excel Spreadsheets

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Imagine that you just need a few months of training to land a better job or get promoted to a better position. Sounds good, right? Well, Excel skills can really help you achieve that, and Earn and Excel is one of the best providers for Excel training. With a method that’s created by industry professionals, a support line that’s available 24/7, and [...]

Excel Tips for Advancing Your Career

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 If you’re interested in taking the next step in your career, Excel is the software that can help you stand out. If you’re not too familiar with it, Excel is more than just tables. Excel has a lot of functions that allow users to organize information in a very structured way. It also features complex math functions and can help you process your [...]

What is VBA and How Can it Improve Your MS Excel Skills?

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 If you’re an accountant or a professional who constantly works on statistics, raw data, and numbers in general, then you must be already aware of how great the software called Microsoft Excel really is. You’re probably familiar with a few formulas and have heard about macros but you’re kind of confused about how to use or apply them. Once you gain a deeper [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Excel and VBA

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Excel is a powerhouse. It can help you automate your tasks and save hundreds of hours of unnecessary work. It also allows you to work more reliably, eliminating a lot of the human error factors from your workload. If you’re a number-cruncher, then you should definitely invest time in learning how to use Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications, also known [...]

Should You Learn Microsoft Excel?

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 If you’re wondering if you should learn Excel, then you also probably know the answer. Yes, you should learn MS Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful applications there is if you’re constantly crunching numbers. Even if you’re just in-between jobs or are considering switching careers, you should know that Excel has a lot of applications in the corporate world. [...]

How Excel Skills can Help You Land an Amazing Job

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably realized that being proficient in using Microsoft Excel can really help you in your career. It’s estimated that between 70% and 80% of businesses use MS Excel as their primary number crunching tool. These statistics immediately point to the fact that Excel skills are very sought-after. These very skills can help you land a great job [...]

Earn and Excel Courses that Help You Hone Your Skills

Master Your Excel Skills & Get Promoted From Just $29 Microsoft Excel seems like a simple program at a first glance, but it’s actually an analytical and statistical powerhouse. In the right hands, MS Excel can save the right person a lot of time. Earn and Excel provides educational resources that can help you take advantage of all of  Excel’s functionality in no time. From advanced formulas to automated tasks, you’ll learn a lot [...]