This session is about illustrations and how to insert them in the ribbon. If you click on insert. There's a block of icons called illustrations. Firstly, if we click on pictures ,we can insert a picture from our computer. Select this picture and click on insert and the picture will appear. Pictures can very easily be resized using these little circles in the corners and the middle.

How To Use Format Shapes 1 (1)
How To Use Format Shapes 1 (2)

So, make that a little bit smaller drag it up here going back to insert. If we go to online pictures there's a large library of online pictures that, excel has given us access to so, if we click on apple For example: We'll get a huge range of apple pictures click on this first one here and click down here insert.
How To Use Format Shapes 2

How To Use Format Shapes In Excel Use Online Picture Option

We now have a picture of an apple and shrink that right down and drag it up here. Next we have shapes and we have quite a variety of relatively straightforward shapes. Click on this rectangle and we get a little square cross. Then draw this shape this could be quite useful, if we want to draw the user's attention to a particular message. So, we can then just click on the shape and start typing message this is an apple. 

Go back to shapes and one of the ones i use quite often is this arrow. So, start the arrow on this circle where apple is and attach it to message and click away. Now we can drag message around and the line is attached to both message and apple going back to insert next. We have icons i use icons quite a bit, if we go down to technology and electronics. We can pick some icons that i think will be quite useful printer. Click on this save Icon and click on this USB icon and click insert so i now have these three icons click away and drag them away. 
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How To Use Format Shapes 3  (2)

Icon Variations

How To Use Format Shapes ? Click on this save Icon and click on this USB icon and click insert so i now have these three icons click away and drag them away. Because they're on top of each other these icons can be quite useful. As we get a little bit more advanced we'll learn some very basic macros that can enable us to do things. For example: Such as printing and saving while, we could easily do these with icons up in the quick access toolbar for those who aren't that familiar with excel. Just to make printing or saving really easy. 

How To Use Format Shapes 4

How To Use Format Shapes Explore Animated Model Feature

We can attach a basic print macro or save macro. Then just click on the icon and printing or saving will occur instantly. Next two icons there's another type of icon up here called 3D models. Never actually use these myself and not something that you really need to use in excel. But if we click on all animated models and we would click on this cuckoo clock. Then we click on insert and just show you one that i did earlier. So. here we have this cuckoo clock and if we click on this cuckoo clock we get a gift type animation. As i say not quite sure why or where you'd want to use that but you may as well know that it exists. 

How To Use Format Shapes 5

Screen Clipping Option

How To Use Format Shapes?  Next look at screenshots so, for example: We could take a a screen clipping from somewhere else and we can insert it now, that we've inserted some pictures and shapes you'll see that in the ribbon. We have a new tab called picture format. If we click on some of these icons that tab will change. for example click on the shape and it's changed to shape format either way we have some fairly similar formatting options so looking at shape format. If we click on shape format, we can see a range of context specific ribbon icons that have appeared.

We can change the shape over here, we have there Is color options here. S drop down to go into more detail we can apply shading. We can also go into shape fill and we get a full color palette shape outline shape effects. So. maybe we want to do some sort of 3D rotation .Let's undo that and then we have some word art styles. We have the options to change the fill of the text and so on i think most importantly though are to understand these options in a range well.

Choose another graphic and pull the printer over on top of this save button. Change the color of the printer just to make it stand out a little bit. If we go back to graphics format, click on bring forwards we can bring the printer in front or we can move it behind the save icon. We also have a line, if i was to select maybe three of these icons. They're a little bit all over the place and rather than spend ages dragging one individual icon. Around we can align them. To align them first top so they're now aligned at the top. 

Alignment Option

How To Use Format Shapes? If we go back into alignment we got various other options now i'd like to distribute them horizontally so they've got even spaces in between so, click on that one still a little bit close together. So, drag one over to the right and drag this and select them all again this time go back into graphic formats and the distribute horizontally should give me a better result. There we go they're still a bit out of line.

Now align to the top again and now they're much more tidy in terms of their alignment back into the graphics format other options. We could group these shapes together so, if we first select them we could click on group and if we want to not have to worry about this alignment accidentally moving them. If we group them the alignment will remain constant now that we've got a group. We can select the group and drag it around. We can use the circles around the outside and if we hover over them and left-click.

Until we change the name ,as we have done here but we can see the icon group. We can see the name of the three individual graphics within i could pick on one of these graphics inside the icon. I could then name that icon printer. We can see that that's now named icon printer. If you want to move the printer item. Around you can now do that but if we select the whole group then you're going to move all three around together thank you.