Microsoft Excel Online Courses – Basic & Advanced

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Are you a beginner interested in becoming a proficient Excel user? At Earn & Excel, you can Enhance your skills with our Online Microsoft Excel Courses for Beginners to Intermediate.

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We cater for Excel for beginners all the way to more advanced Excel Courses and eventually VBA and macros. Our approach cuts through the unnecessary generic fluff, it will be like getting an Excel crash course! Here’s a summary of our main courses:

Beginner To Intermediate Excel Skills

This is a tightly packed 90-minute introduction to Excel course and is the perfect Microsoft Excel training for beginners who haven’t used Excel much as well as those who have been away from Excel for a long time. It gives the perfect Excel prerequisites for the following course.

Excel Courses that will turn you into an Excel Expert

This is where you will learn our proprietary structure, not taught anywhere else for using Excel to manage your data effectively, using Excel to carry out all your data analysis, build Excel models and master the art of reporting and Dashboards in Excel. You will learn my 80:20 Excel approach to omitting the things that don’t add value and going deeper into the things that do make a difference.

Introduction to VBA and Macros

You will learn VBA and macros with my unique experienced-based approach focusing on a handful of key themes. You will be doing effortless VBA programming and writing macros in Excel in a shockingly quick time frame. Our teaching is so efficient that we don’t even allow you to learn unnecessary and confusing jargon which other courses teach you first, so you get to experience quick wins and find out exactly how amazing VBA/macros can be.

Excel VBA for Professionals

Building on from the fundamentals, this is one of the most important Microsoft Excel Classes we have developed. It is incredibly powerful as it solidifies your ability to Excel to automate your work by going deep in the combination of the Excel VBA loop and the Excel VBA IF statement: From data gathering with VBA code, analysis to reporting. In fact, students who have applied these Excel VBA and macros skills at work are saving hours of time and getting a great deal of recognition.

Excel To PowerPoint & Word VBA Automation

This is powerful, to say the least. You will learn to programmatically control PowerPoint and Word from Excel.  This is a course that is not available anywhere else. It is truly a high-value corporate professionals’ domain (usual analysts, PMO’s, project managers and management consultants). Not only will you learn how to link Excel to PowerPoint and produce reports and PowerPoint slides automatically, but you will also learn how to make Excel produce a Microsoft Word invoice template!

VBA Excel Templates & Tools

In this section, our instructor Sohail will share with you some of the best VBA Excel templates he has built for companies he’s consulted for and walk you through them in detail. This includes Excel templates for project management, project planning and a profit and loss statement Excel template. These Excel templates have been developed in global businesses and have been refined and proven over the years. The value these tools have given companies have resulted in the course instructor consistently earning over 6 figures a year as building a strong reputation within these companies.

Just Excel 2016 Training? Or are all versions of Excel covered?

Although our Excel Courses are made in Excel 2016 and 2010. They are perfectly fine to use in Excel 2007, 2013 and Excel Mac.