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Main Reasons to Learn MS Excel

Plenty of fresh graduates don’t realize the value of Microsoft Excel. They don’t see the point in taking the time to master it either through a course or by self-learning. The truth is that Excel holds a lot of value in the modern workplace and can make finding and keeping, a job a lot simpler than it currently is. MS Excel Proficiency Secures You a Job First of all, it doesn’t really matter [...]

Careers Where MS Excel is Essential

There’s a misconception that you only need to learn Excel if you’re going to work in accounting. This is absolutely false as Excel is important in lots of jobs. Actually, it would be harder to think of a job that won’t need Excel skills than to think of a job that does. Accountants Since this is the most obvious job and the one that comes to mind first, we have to mention it first. [...]

How to Speed Up Microsoft Excel

Trying to get some work done but Excel is running slowly? There are a number of ways that you can speed up your spreadsheets in order to get more work done in a short period of time. After all, the whole point of using Excel and similar software is to get things done quickly and with accuracy. Simple Tips to Speed up Excel Close other programs. This tip is kind of a no-brainer, and [...]

Top Microsoft Excel Features

MS Excel is full of mind-blowing features and tools that can make your work, or personal, life much simpler. A person who has been using Excel for several years will probably be familiar with all the features we’re about to discuss. Beginners, however, might want to pay some attention to what we’re talking about because they can start their Excel training by learning these essential features and functions. Excel PivotTables It would be a crime [...]

Why Excel Is and will Always Be Relevant

In a world where speed is everything, the modern office can’t function or even exist without Microsoft Excel. The truth is that there’s no time to manually calculate and input data. Excel sheets are the heart of any workplace these days and rightly so since it can do in a short time what would take half a dozen people several days to complete. Why Excel is Necessary Succeeding in business is no easy [...]

Why Should Office Workers Use Excel?

Microsoft Office Suite is probably a familiar name for every office workers, given that we use Microsoft Word on a daily basis to type everything, from short memos to important forms. Apart from Word, which should be the main reason why you hear about Microsoft Office in the first place, Excel is also a really cool tool which helps you a lot on your daily office tasks. Although Excel is considerably more difficult to [...]

Common Errors in Excel and How to Fix Them

Excel is a convenient tool for not only hardcore analysts but also for office workers, as it allows them to quickly and effectively organize data and do complex calculations. They can even apply certain algorithms to these data. The main feature of Excel is its formula bar, which allows you to combine different functions to create the formula that suits your purpose. Whenever you input a function, Excel will normally assist you by showing [...]

Most Important Functions in Excel

Click edit button to change this text. Excel is probably one of the most important software for office workers because it allows them to easily do complex calculations, which would usually require specialized software. By simply adding functions together to create a formula, you will have a powerful tool to do complex calculations. Even better, you can drag the formula along an entire column or row and replicate it throughout every box. However, because [...]

Hidden Tricks in Excel that You Must Know

Excel is one of the best companions for office workers out there, as it is probably the most versatile and affordable tool to help you to input and organize data, as well as to do a wide range of computations with these data. Excel is also quite easy because it includes a lot of in-software tips and tutorials. Excel encompasses a lot of commands in its system. While most of these commands are fully [...]

Common Uses of Excel for Businesses

Pretty much all office workers and even students are familiar with Excel, the spreadsheet software that comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. If you ever need a tool that can help you input and organize data, and also do several complex calculations, then Excel is the right tool for you. It is also very easy to use since it comes with in-software tips and tutorials that help you get started. However, Excel is [...]