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Unhiding columns in Excel is a rather simple process, and can be done in two ways.

  • Unhide
  • Double-clicking an area between two columns

While they mainly help you unhide specific columns, using the former method will much more efficiently help unhide all columns, no matter their location.

In our example, we have two columns that have been hidden, which are columns A and C; neither are adjacent to each other:


The easiest way to unhide ALL columns is to first select all columns (either by pressing Ctrl+A or by clicking on the dark grey arrow on the top left of the worksheet)

Then, right click on a column (any column will do), and click on Unhide.

Your hidden columns are now visible.


Another way of unhiding columns is by double clicking the area next to the bold line that indicates where the hidden column is.

To do this, hover your mouse around the area where a column is hidden, typically the area right next to the bold line, then, once your mouse cursor looks like this:

…only then can you double-click that area, revealing the hidden column.

While this method is more laborious than the previous one, if you happen to have multiple hidden columns, it’s another way of seeing what you normally wouldn’t see.

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